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Saving Time Surfing The Forum.

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Posted 09 January 2007 - 05:16 PM

Most of us are very busy in our lives and would like to know some short cuts to make things quicker. So I give a few here to help along the way.

1) If you are a member of several forums, or just post here a lot. It is some times hard to remember all the threads you are involved in debating in. So here's what you do when you forget.

a) You click on your own name at the bottom of the forum where it lists everyone that's online. This will take you to your profile. Which will look like this:
Posted Image

The two center options will list either all your posts, or threads starting from the newest, to the oldest. Every forum program I know of has this option. So this way you can be reminded where you left off last time. This option even provides links to go directly to your last post in a certain thread so you don't have to search that thread for it.

B). Also, you can click on someone Else's name to find all their latest threads or posts. The options you can chose when you click on someone Else's profile will be the same as your own options.

While we are in this section:

2) You will also notice an ignore option. When you click on someone Else's profile, and they have made debating them intolerable through a projected attitude towards you. That always makes you mad. This is a option you can select so that their posts become invisible to you. Now this does not mean you can no longer read them. There will be an option (link) next to each invisible post so that you can look if you wish. It just means you don't have their words always staring you in the face making you mad every time you come here to debate.

This option is there for our members to use so that they can avoid conflict with each other. Because there will always be someone somewhere, that will just hit every button that makes you lose your cool. And also this can be used to take a break from someone who is making you mad. Kinda of like a cool off period where you can regain control of attitude that was brought on by another member. If you ever chose to use this option, here are a couple of guidelines you might want to do to not cause future problems.

a) Inform the one you are ignoring they you won't be responding to their posts for now (in a p.m). And that they are going on your ignore list because you do not wish to confront them at this time.

B) Inform the mod of that section of what you are doing just in case the member you chose to ignore decides to try and make a public ridicule of you for choosing to do this. In this way, they cause a problem, and will get in trouble for it. Their posts that they ridicule you in will be deleted by a mod as well.

This way you cover your bases, and that it was the other member who caused all the problems. Forum admins and mods have more respect for those who are grown up enough to avoid situations, then those who chose to make one.

3) Also at the top right hand side of forum. You will see an option that says: View new posts. When you click on that it will show all the new posts of that day. But there is an option in there were you can go back several days and view new posts as well. How many days of new posts you want to look at is your choice.

I hope this info helps everyone use their time more efficient here. And at other forums that have the same options. :)


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