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The Curious Case Of Human And Chimps

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Posted 05 December 2009 - 10:53 AM

Your not making any sense. Common ancestry is in complete argument with YEC. The fact that Chimpanzees even exist - and apes past and present - is an untenable position to hold for any "true" "literal" christian.

I realize McStone has never run into a place where he has to actually think, and has found it too hard to continue.

But his statement is just wrong. Why is common ancestry in complete argument with YEC? Because of the time frames required for common ancestry to exist? If that is true, can McStone tell us what time frame is required to go from a fish type body plan to a mammal type body plan? How about from the tiger/lion ancestor to tigers and lions?

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Posted 06 December 2009 - 05:49 AM

Yes, but why is only the human chromosome fused???  What kind of radiation would have been released due to continental shift???

Ikester, humans didn't evolve from chimps, and yeah chromosome 2 could have always been fused, but the vast majority of chromosomes we've seen don't have telomeres in the middle.

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Chromosomal fusions is fairly common, even within the same species. In fact, there are humans alive today that have chromosomal fusions, and they are still human!, morphologically and functionally indistinguishable from other modern humans. Another example can be found with horses. Hybrids of the wild horse have 33 pairs while the domesticated horse has 32 chromosomal pairs. Also, domestic dogs and wolves of the genus canis have 78 chromosomes while foxes have a varied number from 38-78 chromosomes. Yet another example is the house mouse Mus Musculis, which has 40 chromosomes, while a population of mice form the Italian Alps was found to have only 22 chromosomes.

I dont know why evolutionists keep using the chromosomal fusion fallacy.

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