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Posted 28 December 2009 - 08:12 AM

Something interesting from a Space dot com Article

Astronomers have discovered an unexpected cache of spiral galaxies that appear to have formed recently, long after the period early in the history of the universe that most galaxies were thought to have been created.

These younger galaxies are big and bright, like our own Milky Way. The reigning hypothesis of galaxy formation holds that such well-established spirals would have formed about 13 billion years ago, shortly after the Big Bang.

But the new discovery of a group of 15 spirals that look to be much younger may upset that thinking.

It may upset the thinking; it may not. Contrary to the hype we so often encounter, the scientists involved here are not out to create a new paradigm, overturn a "major theory" and win the Nobel Prize.

"We're not saying there's a complete breakdown in the theory of galaxy evolution, but that these objects do run counter to the standard model," said Indiana University astronomer John Salzer, the lead author of a paper detailing the study in the April 10 issue of the Astrophysical Journal Letters. "These potentially could have formed much more recently. The significance is that they give us the opportunity to study galaxy formation and evolutionary processes which would otherwise be veiled at the vast distances involved in looking at things at these early stages of the universe."

Myself, I very much doubt there exists a "theory of galaxy evolution" any more than any of the other kinds. Perhaps another thread is in order?

What's funny isn't so much the news itself. If you follow science very much, you may be yawning. That's what's funny. Think back on how many discoveries have had the potential over the years to completely falsify the antihistory - yet nobody ever bats an eye. Evo-cosmology is every bit as "immune" to falsification as anything you can name. Blind faith trumps evidence so consistently that news like this almost does merit a yawn. I think that is funny (and sad, but we're talking evolutionology here don't forget).

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