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Posted 14 March 2005 - 07:22 AM

Last night one of my posts was edited and at least one other poster that I know of. The messages of both posts were substantially changed by the editing, no matter what the editor thinks. I’m not asking that there be no editing, only if there is that it be noted in the post. As it is, it looks like we said something significantly different than intended. If you don’t like the content, I’d rather it be redacted than changed to a more acceptable to you version.

#2 fishbob


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Posted 14 March 2005 - 12:24 PM

I might be the other poster that Wally mentioned. One of my posts was edited, then the subsequent poster responded to the edit, not to what I wrote. I commented on this later in that discussion.

The first sentence from the Forum Rules: "The primary goal of this forum is to provide a place for honest, educational, civil, and fun debate on the topic of origins. "

Whatever is going on is clearly incompatible with the stated rules.

#3 Fred Williams

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Posted 14 March 2005 - 01:51 PM

Several points:

1) This thread is not to be used for moderation complaints, that is to be taken up by PM only. Complaining publicly of moderation is itself a violation of the forum rules.

2) For the record, I do agree that if a post is edited it should be noted within the post. However, my preference is to avoid editing all together, but instead delete either the post or the person. In the example we have of fishbob’s post where “in my opinion” was added to his anti-AIG sentence, this is actually a perfect example of a post that should have quickly been deleted, it was completely worthless. I've let the moderator know.

3) When you complain publicly of forum moderation (or privately for that matter), it quickly brings attention to your posts. I therefore read many of fishbob’s that I otherwise might not have, and he has been identified as exactly the type of person I do NOT want on this forum - so I quickly banned him, and yes, I enjoyed it. B) Most of his posts were worthless, and instead of answering questions he either equivocated or went on about how the post was wrong and evolution or old earth is true without really saying why. This is a complete waste of time for both the member he is responding to, and the readers. Here is a classic example of equivocation:

Fishbob's Evo-babble Post, one of many

Instead of dealing with the pop genetics of the problem, he equivocated on the definition of evolution.

Just to reiterate, the rules are there for a reason and generally rigid, but the primary goal of this forum is to weed out those who are here to waste other's time. Bottom line: Keep all members and all guest readers in mind when you post something - don't waste people's time!

Fred Williams
PS. Just one more reminder - we are after quality, not quantity.

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