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Near-death Experience

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Posted 02 April 2011 - 07:49 AM

From the 'Time' thread:

I just want to chime in and make what could possibly be an argument that may possibly stir the pot a bit more.

I have had several friends who have died and have been revived through resessitation. According to all three, there was no concept of time in the spirit world and the 30 seconds to a few minutes that they were there seemed like a very long time and things happened very quickly and they were able to think clearly and thousands of times faster than what they could think when they were alive. My two Christian friends were dead for a couple of minutes, my formerly atheist friend was only dead for 30 seconds. I think that time does pass in Heaven, but it is irrelevant. I never experienced this for myself, but my 3 friends say that they have. This my deduction anyways.

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Curious about the former atheist. Was he an atheist when he had his near death experience? I've heard stories of atheists who do not have pleasant near-death experiences.


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Posted 16 April 2011 - 09:18 PM

I have had a few near death experiences,
the first was when I was real young, under 10 I think,
it was when I was caught in a rip tide,
I drowned, which was very peaceful,
I saw everything going on around me,
but I had very little care, or tactile feelings,
until a family member gave me mouth to mouth,
and I started coughing up a lung,
painful reality came back quickly,

then in the summer of 96,
I had an automobile accident,
Where I died at in the ambulance,
And then again in the hospital,
But both times they resuscitated me,
Then they thought I was brain dead,
And decided to turn off my life support,
But I started breathing on my own,

I remembered being in a holding zone,
And being asked if I wanted to return,
Well, I of course said yes,
I remember asking lots of questions,
and leaving, and then I showed up again,
and remembering that I asked why,
and they said that it was only temporary,
I found out later that I died twice,,,

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Posted 16 April 2011 - 11:08 PM

From the 'Time' thread:
Curious about the former atheist. Was he an atheist when he had his near death experience? I've heard stories of atheists who do not have pleasant near-death experiences.


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Yes, she was an atheist. I've been working on getting her on here to tell her story. She never got out of that light tunnel though, she didn't see anything past that as she was only dead for around 30 seconds.

Apparently I didn't give as much detail as I thought. She stated that when she died, she felt herself getting pull out of her body, she could look down and see the paramedics working on her. She started to move faster and faster until all she could see was a white tunnel, she saw lights also traveling down the tunnel. She thought they were people. She said that when she was dead she could think thousands of times faster and it was the most blissful experience of her life. She also recalled having an innate knowledge of God, but had no fear.(I have no idea of her reasoning behind this and when I asked she didn't know why she wasn't afraid.)

But her explanation of what the spirit world was like helped me understand how God could easily create everything in six days and it makes me understand how he can be everywhere and how he is really timeless.(Assuming that all of this really happened. I can't validate it of course.)

I'll keep pressing her to come on here and share her experience, though what I gave you was pretty much the whole story to my recollection.

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