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Posted 21 July 2016 - 02:56 PM



As a system of government, it does.  As a voluntary system, it isn't all that bad.  There are Catholic religious orders that have been operating as communist societies for well over 500 years.  (Members of those orders own no property, take a vow of poverty and obedience, and have their needs met by the society as a whole.)  Keep in mind, the keyword here is VOLUNTARY.  The system cannot and will not work if it is implemented by government coercion.


Don't go ballistic on me here, but a case can be made that Christ himself endorsed communist ideas.  He taught the rich should give up their wealth and follow him; that we should take care of the poor and downtrodden; and that if we do so, God will take care of us.

You certainly meant "Communism" and it's true, there are communities of goods, that are not violently coercive. 

Marxism on the other hand requires coercion and violence by default (class struggle). The classical form openly advocated violence, throwing over society and establishing a "dictatorship of the Proletariat". Most people considered the idea ridiculous, but dangerous at the time. That's why they only managed to get somewhere in Russia, which was relatively primitive and completely exhausted during world war one. Of course there was also foreign money involved to bankroll the Revolution - The Bolsheviks lost the elections though.


Today the Marxists threw the workers under the bus, while still chunking about "Capitalism" of course. But their target isn't really class struggle anymore, also not "Communism", there focus is more in the micro-social and cultural fields: S@xual liberation, anti-authoritarianism, female versus male, young versus old (less popular right now), ethnic minorities against "The Majority", homos against heteronormativity, "White Privilege"-debates. Essentially what the Social Justice Warriors are running on now.  

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