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Evolutionists And Understanding The Scientific Method

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Posted 10 February 2016 - 09:34 PM

Whilst I was driving to the public library I was wondering about the aforementioned title to this thread. I was thinking about how evolutionists can claim to understand science and how it operates and yet still claim that evolution is "scientific"?

Considering that since the (assumed) evolution of man is a PAST event, and that the past cannot be experimented on then it would seem that such assumptions (read beliefs) are thus NOT scientific....

This, to me, demonstrates a lack of understanding with how science operates (aka the scientific method)... Which in itself is ironic considering how many evolutionists deem themselves the intelligentsia of the universe.

Would it be possible that the posing of many evolutionists as the 'intelligentsia of the universe' be an attempt to cover their inability to understand science? Is it all just a confidence trick?

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Posted 12 February 2016 - 09:30 AM

Gilbo, you echo my thoughts.


At the risk of being a one-trick pony here, ever since I returned to this board after years of absence my main emphasis has been on getting evos here to address the scientific method issues you just posted about.


At one point, based on my experience with evos in the past, I mentioned that some evos admit they cannot, do not, or don't need to use the scientific method in their proof of the theory of evolution. Of course I came under a great deal of ridicule, and even got called a liar for that statement.


The funny thing is that when I turned the challenge against them and asked the evos to go ahead and show how the theory of evolution can be proven using the scientific method it was met with absolute, utter, sheer silence.



Would it be possible that the posing of many evolutionists as the 'intelligentsia of the universe' be an attempt to cover their inability to understand science? Is it all just a confidence trick?


So, to answer your question: I do not underestimate the intelligence of those whose scientific knowledge far exceeds my own. But, there's more to intelligence than just being a mindless robot parroting "scientific" information. I've found that one's worldview plays a huge part in how one uses one's intelligence to interpret what they know.


What we have discovered by my fruitless quest to get a response to my scientific method challenge is that there is a point beyond which evos simply cannot go because to do so would be to show the world that their belief in evolution is based on pure faith and not science.


They really only have two choices: Prove the theory of evolution using the scientific method, or admit that the scientific method does not apply to the theory of evolution (and thus is not scientific).


It turns out, for the evos on this forum anyway, that they'd rather cower down and debate minutia than put everything on the line and answer this important, simple question.


So, no, I don't believe it is a confidence trick. I believe they are simply afraid to be honest. It's part and parcel of their materialistic, Godless worldview.


Sorry about my response. Based on recent history here, it will probably be the kiss of death for this topic. :)

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