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Effects Of Continued Belief Of "evolution" On The Brain


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Posted 28 July 2016 - 03:21 AM



Piasan: Darwin provides a framework that explains the diversity of life, not its origin


That is such an ad nauseam P.R.A.T.T Piasan. (point refuted a thousand times) Though technically speaking it is a red-herring because it is a moot-point. It doesn't matter if biological evolution only explains the diversity of life, because abiogenesis is still invented in behalf of evolution meaning that it amounts to the same thing anyway.


To understand why abiogenesis is a part of evolution you have to do your logical-homework. I explained it in my blog but I'll try it one more time here;


THINK - if life did not evolve, could a giraffe emerge from a primordial swamp? Answer: no.


Question: why does the belief of abiogenesis exist?

Answer: so evolution can happen.


Think about it Piasan. The only reason you would need a hypothetical primordial swamp in a reduced atmosphere was to invent a fictional ancestor of life, that then gives rise to all other forms.


What does this mean logically? Well think about it - Darwin proposed that all life originated from a single common ancestor, and the only way that could happen is if an abiogenesis could create it. 


Conclusion: Abiogenesis was only introduced to explain the evolutionary concept of a common ancestor. Abiogenesis theorizes how an evolutionary ancestor got here.


The first lifeform, the common ancestor of all things, IS AN EVOLUTIONARY NOTION. So abiogenesis exists to explain an evolutionary notion.


So your common internet comment from evo-PR, "evo doesn't explain origin", doesn't really amount to much because their explanation of an abiogenesis, DEPENDS on evolution being true. 


Think about it properly, if abiogenesis is not evolution and evolution is not abiogenesis, then show an example of abiogenesis where you could have a giraffe emerge from a swamp. For if there was no theory of evolution, there would be no abiogenesis. Or are you saying that if the scientific mainstream accepted a miraculous creation they would still somehow try and theorize how giraffes were abiogenesised?


Conclusion: if there was no evolution theory, there would be no abiogenesis. If there was no abiogenesis, there would be no evolution theory if there is no scientific means to get you an ancestor because they will only accept a scientific explanation.




(Darwin may not have explained life's origin but he knew that his, "warm little pond" scenario was just as much a part of his theory as any other part of it.)

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Posted 28 July 2016 - 10:19 AM

Sounds like you are an atheist...  

Every Word is Exactly what an Atheist would say  EVERY WORD..'

That's a great compliment Blitzking!

(now to guess to who, Piasan or us Atheists) :P


On a more serious note: That demonstrates that the theory of evolution does not hinge on the existence of a deity.

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Posted 29 July 2016 - 09:59 PM

That's a great compliment Blitzking!

(now to guess to who, Piasan or us Atheists) :P


On a more serious note: That demonstrates that the theory of evolution does not hinge on the existence of a deity.


No, it just demonstrated that there are Oval Earthers out there who have deluded themselves into thinking that they can believe the world is FLAT and ROUND at the SAME TIME..

These are people who have been indoctrinated into believing the Hypothetical Hypothesis of Mindless MYO Mud to Man Myth to the point that they feel obligated to somehow try to shove the Square Peg of Abiodarwinism into the round hole of the Bible....  They don't realize that the ONLY reason that AbioDarwinism was invented was to make people like Richard Dawkins happy... Remember the words of your religious guru of Metaphysical Naturalism?


"Darwin made it possible to be an intellectually fulfilled Atheist"



It has been smuggled into the realm of Science by religious fanatics of Abiodarwinism..


How many times do we have to keep on repeating the same facts over and over and over and,,,,,,,


My OP is giving me many more examples than I thought..

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