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The Closing Of Threads.

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Posted 22 March 2005 - 09:53 PM

Lately, I have had to close a few threads. And got some complaints that I was impartial, bias, afraid of free thinking etc... So I decided to list the things that will get a thread closed, or a post deleted.

1) When the thread starter, starts a thread that has a non-open ended debate. In other words, an attempt to make it all one sided. Where no one else's view or opinion is welcome. If someone posts something against the thread subject, several of those who agree with the subject jump in like wolfs to attack the one different opinion. Like a thread where I made a point, and got my head bit off for it. Once I realized what the threads starter's intention were, because of his attitude, plus others that agreed, I closed it. One sided threads cause arguments. Everyone is entitled to their opinion whether another member agrees with it or not. As long as the opinion stated does not become insulting to the other person. These things will get a thread closed.

2) Upon debating the subject of the thread, there are those who go as far as to start, and make snide remarks about a subject or belief. Using words like stupid, liar, etc.... If you are trying to make your point to someone, nothing will close their mind quicker, to that point, as to start making snide remarks, and calling them names. If I call you stupid, are you really going to hear anything else I have to say? Neither will the other guy your debating. These things will get warnings, and if bad enough, with refusal to abide by rules, will get a member banned as well.

3) Threads that push other religions. Example: Had someone say that Allah, and other religions like it, are better to teach in our schools. Well this, plus some other remarks, got that thread closed. Plus the poster decided to add a few hateful remarks in which I banned him for. This is a christian forum. If you feel the need to promote another religion, to other members here, there are several thousand forums to choose from. This one won't tolerate such things.

But, to mention "what you believe" is ok (so that people know what you believe). To preach it is not. To try and convert someone to it here, is not ok either. In open forum, or p.m.'s. These things will get a thread closed, and possibly a member banned.

4) This one is for both sides of the issues here so read carefully. Starting threads that say: Evolution is a lie, or Creation is a lie. I consider these to be threads that want to start arguments. The use of the word lie, is a more personal attack of the person who believes that it is true. Using other words like myth, or reword it to something not as harsh, is better. But threads like this will get edited, or closed "if" it provokes certain attitudes. Because the word "lie" will make me watch that thread and the direction it's going.

5) Threads that mock God. It is one thing to say I don't believe, God does not exist, etc... But it is another to say: God is stupid, God's a liar, so your stupid, and your a liar. Those types of words only provoke one type of response. Posts or threads based on this will be closed or deleted. And the member could get banned.

I will add more as I think of them.


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Posted 20 May 2005 - 08:19 PM

It has come to my attention that some here like to miss-quote people, mostly creationists, with assumptions of meanings of what they write. Since this is the case, and is only done to start arguments. From now on, when this is done, either the post gets deleted, threads gets closed, or person gets banned. So if your going to quote someone, you better make sure your quote is what they are saying, and "not" what your trying to read into it.

Deception in this manner will not be tolerated, period.


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