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Apr 29 2011 - Faster In Air Than On Sand

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Posted 21 May 2011 - 10:19 AM

Listen here.

* Lizards, Footprints, Rafts, and Buckyballs: Co-hosts Fred Williams and Bob Enyart talk about articles from the latest issue of Creation magazine, April - June 2011.

* Lizards Move Quickly on Sand: Engineers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have copied God's design for lizard locomotion on sand and transferred it to a robot called SandBot. The lizards, like other creatures, move their limbs so quickly as they run that they would get stuck in the sand except that, as God designed them, while their feet are in contact with the sand, those limbs move relatively more slowly to provide stability, and when they pick their foot up, they move much more quickly through the air to get them in place for the next step. (If this is confusing, just watch Bob demonstrate it on today's program :blink: The discipline of biomimetics helps to create technologies to improve the lives of human beings by copying God's design in nature, such as by the automobile industry from the boxfish, and quieter computer fans inspired by owls wings!

* Scientists have found 3,000 more Dinosaur Footprints: in China, and Bob and Fred discuss Creation magazine's interesting analysis of what can be learned from these trace fossils.

* After Catastrophes, Naturally-formed Rafts Transport Animals: Rubber duckies, too. Far!

* Nobel Prize Winning Chemist Rejects Evolution: The discoverer of the buckyball (see image below), a form of carbon that looks like a soccer ball or a geodesic dome, Dr. Rick Smalley, had always assumed that the science behind his education in evolution was rigorous. But after hearing a lecture at Rice University on intelligent design, Dr. Smalley began studying Darwinism for himself and was angered at the poor quality of what passes for evolutionary "science." At first he became a theistic evolutionist, but then realized that there is not even evidence for evolution, even with the assumption that God started it. Dr. Smalley eventually rejected Darwinism altogether, became a born-again Christian, gave a strong anti-evolution talk in 2004 at Tuskegee University, and received a standing ovation!

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