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Awesome Jesus

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Posted 16 October 2009 - 04:56 AM

Almost nothing blesses a child of God like the way God works, the manner in which He does things.
When I first got saved and I looked at certain ministries that were well known, I was sure that was where I was headed [well I was only 14] boy I had stars in my eyes. But even after a few years I can see that this will not be, I have a more realistic understanding of those ministries now, not only modern ministries but ministries recent past and more ancient past. I see all that goes into the making of those ministries, I am not in the least dismayed I am still excited by everything God does and I love His saints.

But I want to share a little thing God did through me a couple of years ago when I was staying in London, which if God never once again uses me to bless someone, this little time will always bless me.

I was walking home across Kensington Gore which is along the south end of Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens and going towards Earls Court where I was holed up, it was 2.30 am.

I looked down Exhibition Rd and saw a man who was incredibly drunk, the drunkest man I have ever seen walking. He was making a perfect Z reeling from one side of the pavement to the other then he would pull up short stop before staggering headlong forwards again, a total wreck.

God said "go and talk to him about his soul" :lol:

I set off at once [when God tells you something always DO first and think afterwards,] Exhib Rd is a long road and he was half way down it with me steaming up in the rear, I always carry some tracts with me as an opener for conversation, so tract at the ready.

But as I came behind him I saw how huge he was, he was about 6' 4 ins anf 5' across a big, BIG man. he had stopped short was on one of his headlong plunges and I bottled.

Instead of talking to him I scurried on by and darted up a side road and there leaning trembling against the wrought iron fence I cried to the Lord for him as I watched him staggering past "Oh Lord please help him, send somebody braver than me to talk to him" God said "go and talk to him about his soul" so off I goes again, a bit more circumspectly this time.

Anyone who knows the Lord knows that He is a great King, and He expects us to obey Him, when we don't obey Him you don't always get a second bite at the cherry. So here I was hard on his heels clutching my tract I drew alongside him but instead of talking to him I bottled again and hurried on by and scurried up the next side road. Leaning against the fence, trembling, I cried to the Lord and wealed and whimpered and God said a third time "go and talk to him" so of I goes again.

When I caught up with him next he had turned into the Cromwell Rd. and I darted in front of him thrusting my tract out at him I said "I want you to have this"
He stood swaying in the breeze all 6' 4 of him and his mouth fell open, blinking owlishly at me.

I said "it's about Jesus, how He can change your life" I started babbling at this point but I managed to convey that Jesus doesn't work from outside of us He works from inside of us when we recieve Him as Lord into our hearts, He begins to rule from within, bringing people and stuff into our lives to help us. I took a deep breath and said "now I want you to pray and ask Jesus into your heart."

All this while he had been staring at me blinking, mouth open wide, this huge man he had taken my tract, heyy, he turned out to be the sweetest guy, from Canada. He shlurred and said "I'm too stoned to pray, but I'll read it in the morning and remember what you said" and started to pass me but I stood in his way and he stopped up short "I promish, I promish" he said.

It was about three weeks later in Kensington Temple at morning meeting the Pastor came to the mike and held up a tract and a letter from Canada, from a young Canadian airforce cadet who while visiting his girlfriend in London had been dumped by her, he had gotten himself smashed and was going back to his hotel to kill himself and he'd have done it but a member of your church stopped me in the street and gave me this tract and I got saved. That is my awesome Jesus.
The tract was a T.L. Osborn tract called "Lo, I am with you alway." and has a little prayer at the end of it. I hope my little testimony is a blessing to you.

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