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Tribulation Saints Will Need Our Help

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Posted 27 March 2012 - 03:23 PM

Canadian Gift to the world


could I ask someone

to build this simple item for me

it is relatively easy to build

and should be very cheap

to reproduce in any scale, any voltage,

I know that it seems to simple to work

but I proved that it works with my experiment

it seems too stupidly simple to work

but it does,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

this is the Canadian Gift to the world

please prove that it does work
in all scales + voltages

I would prefer if it was proved before tomorrow

there must be a way that the multiplication works

if you put power into a wheel turning very slowly

and then take power out of the motor(s)

that spin hundreds of times faster

just think of it

you could be to first person in the world

to have a working free energy device

it’s all up o you

can you handle the fame and notoriety

that comes with saving our world

by producing a free

so that we could actually start helping our environment

instead of continuing to polluting it

with fossil fuel byproducts of air pollution

or radioactive waist left over

Subject: Free energy 4u2


Help me, help others, help themselves

we could start a new + improved industrial age

one that not only cause little mess of pollution

like in the original industrial age brought with it

This one could actually help our environment
by producing costless to run air and water filters

we could possibly have every back yard mechanic

coming out with very specialized adoptions

for this free energy box, cube, machine

I will be emailing this to all of our Canadian government

as well as to as many news services that I can

to help get this new technology out in our world fast

and start helping our environment

believe me,,, I know how unbelievable this sounds

I had to repeat the experiment three times

to get a better understanding of how to believe what I was seeing

and then I even thought that I must have dreamed it

and had to repeat the exercise the three times again, about a week later

All I need is, for one person to take this serious

and to actually take the minimal time to build this contraption for me

I feel that this will take off like wildfire

as soon as the world gets a chance to take a look at this


Perpetual Motion machine
self generating electricity


I feel both excited and extremely blessed, to be the one that gets to tell the world of this miraculous mechanism. This mechanism is an easy way of letting electricity generate itself, using time and the circumference difference of two pulleys. This means no fuel is needed to operate this, the only things used tomultiply electric power, is the differences in two circumferences and the time it operates. This means that no steady cost of fuel is needed, nor is there any pollution created by the process. That's right, I will tell you how anyone can get electricity to generate itself, without having to own nor having to be contained in an electric wheelchair,,, lol.

I say this because it was my electric wheelchair that helped me think of, and prove to myself that this idea really works. I was in a wheelchair because of an automobile accident, where I was not only paralysed, but I found out that I was the recipient of a rather severe closed head injury. I woke up six months later, to find myself paralysed, with one bum left arm and hand, and unable to talk. I had to first relearn how to speak, to be able to ask what had happened to me, as not only had I lost most all my short term memory, but I could not remember. as well as many other things, like

Just think of it, We could all have our own stand alone, self powering electricity generators, with only the initial cost of building it,(could be made of junkyard parts). These power manufacturers could be producing a seemingly endless supply of free electricity, all for the cost of upkeep. It is easy enough to build, as all you need is a twelve volt battery, two 12 Volt motors,(one DC + one AC) one large pulley, and at least one small pulley, a belt that fits the pulleys, and the hardware to put these parts together.(nuts + bolts + framing to mount on). This could even be done with 120 volt motors, to produce power for yourself, or to use as an income when you sell it back to the power company.

((along with electronics, such as an AC and a DC motor, a battery=(not needed), wires, a bridge rectifier and a voltage regulator, of equal voltage))
((all of the electronics to run this could be easily built on a simple proto-board))

(you might even be able to use any voltage motors - even 120 Volt)
((taking your output from the ac motor leads))

(((as I don’t think the battery is a necessary component)))

It is a very simple mechanism in its workings, as it works by putting power into the motor with the big pulley attached, and you take power out from the motor-(generator) with the small pulley attached. The output motor, or several motors even, the one(s) with the small pulley attached, rotates a lot faster than your input motor,(more speed = increase in power). There is a belt connecting the two,(or more) motors together, that can be as small as you want, depending on if you required size constraints, or as large as you want, to accommodate multiple output generators,,, like in our petrol fuelled power stations, they could be easily modified to run on their own power. I cannot be sure, without having results from tests, but I think that we can gain more power, with every output generator that you add with a small pulley. But there is a warning that I have to give you, of a possible hazardous flaw in this free electricity generating system.


If this system is allowed to run freely,

without having any outside drain of power,

this system will overcharge itself,

and may even explode.

So, please,,,

be careful when experimenting with this mechanism.

Maybe this should be called an Energy Multiplier,

as you always need at least a little power,

to generate the greater amount of power.

I believe that we have been given a great gift, one that I think can help the whole world. The thing is,,, that I do not have sufficient funds to get the patent for this invention myself. This is where I wanted the Canadian government to step in and patent this idea, so that our citizens do not have to pay taxes any more,,, lol. I imagine that the royalties from this could not only replace our taxes, but would soon repay our national dept. Especially since, I can see all nations soon making laws regarding the need to convert to this non polluting form of producing electrical energy.

I later found a site on the web that said
That if you published something on the web
But did not choose to patent it
You would open it up to be used freely by everybody
So,,, this was the choice I decided on
To put the plans out on the web for all to use freely

Why not let electricity generate itself,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

- take this serious, it does work, take a close look at this,,,

- I proved that it does indeed work with my electric wheelchair
- could I ask you to build a proto-type and prove it works.
- I cannot build it myself, because of an automobile accident in 96

- which not only paralyzed me, but took all of my manual dexterity

- and ruined my ability to build this device myself

This is a free source of energy.
I will demonstrate my gain of power to anyone at any time,,,,,,,,,,,
I went to the local paper, and submitted an earlier version of my description of this
But I guess that my description of it, and how I proved that it worked was not good enough, because they did not print my earlier writing and diagram. (not as detailed)

I will send this disciption to the News papers + stations also

to see if they will publish a story about one mans dream
to give this world a needed gift

This discovery (a self generating electricity multiplier)

(((I already sent the Canadian government an earlier coply of this, with no reaction.)))
(((Maybe they would better understand this description)))

Sorry, but I did not have the money to buy, nor do I know of anybody that I can ask to loan me, any kind of Mechano set. What I needed was a toy that is for building things, (like Lego) that has motors and pulleys, so that I could build a prototype of this mechanism. I guess that is one of the reasons that I have decided to send this out to the world, to see if they will prove that it works. But I most want to see if we Canadian's can put this out on the web, so that all people can have their own free electricity generators. Even though I truly hoped that our Canadian government would take this serious enough, to take a patent out on, so that we do not have to pay taxes anymore,,, lol.

I have stumbled upon the

Yes,,,,, and even better than perpetual,,,,
,,, this machine actually makes its own power,
as in – this system uses passing time to gain electrical energy,
yessss,,, we can let electricity generate itself,,,,

No more dependency on OIL, and the middle east oil supplies,,,
= and the world says,


Now hold on just a moment,,,
I know that this is not a true example of perpetual motion,,,
Because of bearings alone,
or should I say, the fact that they will wear out eventually,
That is why I added the word "machine" afterwards

This is a man made machine,

Which only mimics perpetual motion,

As it continues to run, seemingly forever,

Producing electricity as a bonus,

This is a gift to all mankind,,,
To share with the world,
a way of gaining free energy,
seemingly from nothing,

This came to me when I was over visiting at the park,
I was thinking about how electricity worked,
and how my electric chair had the ability to charge itself,
on most any type of downhill run,
(as it uses an electrical breaking system)

I don't know if you know anything about me or not,
but learning new things is one of my greatest pleasures
When investigating how things work,,,
I always have to push the limits,,, lol
not only learning how things works,
but then tinker with trying to improve them,,,,, lol

I went with the idea of a ten speed bicycle, (something that I knew about)
Where I wanted to go uphill in tenth gear, (least rotations of the pedals)=motor
and then downhill in first gear, (most rotations of pedals)=motor
so, I would go uphill at full speed,
and then downhill at slow speed
So,,, now I had something to experiment with,
now I had measurable tests to do,

I started off with a low battery, (so that I did not have the power to drive all the way up)
driving up a long steep hill at the park in the full speed position, (tenth gear)
(until my chair would not go any further, as my battery was dead)
and then going back down the hill in slow speed, (first gear)
(not super slow, as I had time limits = only 4-6 hours of sunlight left)
Then I immediately turned around, and went back up at full speed,
And guess what happened,,,,
I could travel twenty feet higher up the hill,
so, I had a net gain of electricity,,, (a blessing)

Logic and common sense says,
that you will have energy losses,
do to heat from friction if nothing else,
causing you to not be able to make it as far up the hill,
the second time you drive up it,

Well, I first thought that this might just be a strange happening,
so I did it again and again, doing it three times,
each time gaining twenty more feet, up a steep hill, (60 feet total)
Not only did I do it three times that day,
but I later thought that this went against logic, (I must have dreamed it)
and I did the whole experiment over,
with the same electricity gaining results

I know that there are inner workings of the motor + drive system,
that I have not even roughly looked into,
to find out why + how it works like a 10 speed,
Sorry, but I have no time to color + shade in this drawing,
I could only give you this rough sketch,
and let others get the enjoyment of coloring in the details,
may this bring you at least some of the thrills that I have experien-ced,
when I was showed this amazing reasoning,
Please read (Luke 18:29-30)

Someone could easily build a self supplying energy producing power supply,
With a 12v battery,(not needed) two motors, a small and large pulley, and a belt,
You connect the motor with the big pulley up as a power in, driver motor,
And then connect the motor,(s) with the small pulley to be used as an output
When you put power into the drive motor,
You get out a multiple of this power, (on each of the out generators)
Compared to the size difference of the drive motor, (large pulley)
And your output or generator motor. (small pulley)

--- (after thought) ---
I feel bad,,, about being so sluggish,
Wishing that I could have spoken of these things earlier,
as in, as soon as it came to me, a few years ago,
(I had a hard time wondering why this was not discovered earlier)

((I guess that we are waiting on His Timing))

(((as nobody seems to be listening to my logic)))

((((nobody has built one for me yet, to prove me wrong)))

Please,,, send this to everybody you know,,, so that we can have more people working on ways to utilize this new use for old technology,,,, after all, more is usually better,,,,,,,,

Benefits to humanity:
- To be an effective way to decrease our negative environmental effects on our earth,
- To be able to give free electrical power to all people,
- To greatly reduce our oil dependency,
- To give the Middle East less power,
- To lessen the chance of our need for oil getting us into another war,
- To put a needed boast to our economy,
--- by creating many new items to manufacture and sell

I want to get this out in the market fast,,,
so that there are many of these around,
for everybody to get their hands on,
so that we can all have free running electric cars

As well as having their own 120 volt power supplies

there is a full diagram of this device at

how about energy multiplication
where you have two equal voltage motors
one is DC for input
which has a large pulley attached to it
the second motor is AC
on a much smaller pulley
this way your driver motor only turns a few times
while your output motor spins hundreds of times
you get a multiple of power out
compared to the power you put in
you run your output motor, (or multiple motors)
through a full wave bridge rectifier and voltage regulator

to power your DC input motor

and take AC power straight off your AC generator

You could start this system running by giving the big pulley a little turn

I proved this works
with my electric wheelchair
gaining 20 feet more distance up a steep hill
every time I drove up the hill fast
and then drove back down the hill slow
(I had to set my chair to max torq=1st gear and max speed=10th gear)

We could all be putting power back into the system, by building a rough Perpetual Motion mechanisms out of junk yard parts even. I would imagine that the manufacturing industry would quickly come out with these mechanisms in all sizes, so that people could easily supplement their incomes by selling power to the power companies.


but I happen to be disabled + on Canada Pension

so I do not have the ability to do many experiments

nor do I have the funds to pay someone else to build a proto-type

but I was hoping that someone would build a proto-type

and prove this works before too long

It is dirt simple to build


Someone build this and report back on your results

there is a diagram of this device at


I will try to put the drawing in the file section of each forum I visit

please,,, this is a gift

It is here for you to do with what you want

it is cheap and easy to build

the fuel it burns is time

the more time you run it

the more power you get out of it

True Source of a real free energy system.

This is a Gift to all of mankind and the rest of nature,

( no more fossil fuels polluting our environment )

free energy machine = let Electricity multiply itself


PLEASE let us act FAST

Let this be a Gift to all mankind

We could all be putting power back into the system, by building a rough Perpetual Motion mechanisms out of junk yard parts even. I would imagine that the manufacturing industry would quickly come out with these mechanisms in all sizes, so that people could easily supplement their incomes by selling power to the power companies.

We could all be putting power back into the system, by building a rough
Perpetual Motion mechanisms out of junk yard parts even. I would imagine that
the manufacturing industry would quickly come out with these mechanisms in all
sizes, so that people could easily supplement their incomes by selling power to
the power companies.

--- In EVGRAY@yahoogroups.com, Joe <one_christian_warrior@...> wrote:
> we could have free 120 volt AC power
> I think this should be be easy enough to run 120 volt AC out of the leads in
the diagram
> I dont even think that it will need a battery
> you just take your 120 volt AC off the leads of this machine
> befor it goes into the bridge rectifier\
> I would hope that there is a 120 volt DC motor out there to use
> please,,, someone build this free 120 volt AC power suply
> I cannot, as I was disabled in a car accident
> on canada pension
> so I cannot afford to pay someone to build it
> we could have an easy to build
> 120 volt AC free energy power supply
> for each and every home

this energy multiplication system works,,,
it does not work on electronics calculations
but works on large speed differences
between your input and your output motors

this major multiplication of rpms is great enough
to negate any loss due to friction losses
because of the vast circumference difference
between your input motor (extremely slow)
and the output motor (extremely fast)
ok, lets just keep talking about how this wont work
never really even trying to build it, (it is too far fetched to believe)
and let this blessing to mankind be missed


I have a great idea
If someone could build this device
on a circuit diagnostic program
they could both prove that it works
and we would have a video of it to put on utube

let’s change the world

I have been searching for a free circuit simulator

to make a u-tube video of this free energy device

to get ALL of the back yard mechanics in this world

working on modifications of this awesome machine

could you tell me of a program that would serve my purposes

or put a working animation of how this device works on the web

to help the world economy, as well as our ecology

giving our power hungry society a free source of energy

that could actually help our population

and help our environment


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Posted 27 March 2012 - 04:09 PM

I look forward to reading something that you post that:

1) is concise
2) isn't layed out like poetry
3) makes sense

Poetry format is the wrong format for describing a perpetual motion machine since it creates too many breaks, which causes you to stop at the end of every line rather than reading straight through the details. It makes it so difficult to read your post, I stopped trying after the first few lines.

Furthermore, a perpetual motion machine would defy the first and second laws of thermodynamics. I skimmed through your post and I see no point at which you have attempted to technically describe why these laws have been broken or do not apply with regards to this machine.

You seem very much like a troll. If you want to stay here you should give us some inkling that you are not a troll.

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Posted 28 March 2012 - 06:09 AM

I agree with Jay, and it should also be noted that the title of your thread is misleading:

Forum Guidelines:
This moderated forum fosters scientific dialog on creation-evolution, intended to be useful for visitors and searchers, as well as participants. That is the spirit of all the following guidelines.
  • The subject header should be succinctly descriptive of the content. Content should be specific and mature, and consistent with its chosen subject header. Compact, well-stated posts are preferred. Participants are encouraged to use private e-mail concerning minor points, off-topic, or personal matters.
    Good headers: "Epistasis"; "Black Holes"; "Human/ape DNA similarity"
    Bad headers: "Need help with this"; "YOOOOHOOOOO! Creationists!"; "Evo-babbler Bonehead Post of the month”

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Posted 28 March 2012 - 03:40 PM

You have agreed to the forum rules here when signing up. You have broken guidelines 1 and 3. Consider this a warning. Please reread them to refresh your memory.

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