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Sept 9 2011 - Seat Belt Needed To Hear About Dna Replication

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Posted 15 September 2011 - 07:08 PM

Posted Image* A Nucleus Phenomenon and A Nuclear Physicist: Real Science Friday co-hosts Fred Williams and Bob Enyart discuss an interview with a nuclear physicist about Carbon 14, coal, and diamonds in the summer issue ofCreation magazine, July - September 2011. Evolutionists routinely claim that Bob and Fred mislead those who have no science background with our argument that C-14, which can only last for thousands of years, not millions, in coal and diamonds (not to mention in amber, dinosaur fossils, gas, oil, andeverywhere it shouldn't be), is powerful evidence against million-year-old dates. Now, a leading Canadian nuclear physicist Dr. Jim Mason makes the same argument, and Bob and Fred doubt that they're able to mislead a scientist all the way up in Ontario!

* Do You Know About the Coordination that Takes Place to Replicate Nuclear DNA? We think you're going to LOVE THIS! God is SO COOL! Listen to the beginning of today's show, or check out Meta-Information at creation.com!

* Bob & Fred Suggest the BEL Science Store: If you enjoy the science you hear about on our fast-paced RSF radio shows, you'll really love the books, audio, and DVD science materials in our online store's Science Department! The KGOV September Telethon is 9% toward it's goal of $20,000 in donations and purchases from our store, and $20 per month pledges! So, please help keep RSF airing and online for another year by shopping in the KGOV Store, getting aBEL monthly subscription, making a one-time donation or a monthly pledge to RSF and Bob Enyart Live!

* Post-Show Updates:<br style="color: rgb(85, 85, 85); ">- Lunar Prediction: Data obtained by NASA's launch tomorrow of two GRAIL ships headed for the moon to explore it's interior will show evidence that impactors have hit the near-side of the Moon far more severely than the far side.<br style="color: rgb(85, 85, 85); ">- The Media is Catching Up with Creationists: With Dr. Walt Brown, creationists have long explained that the gold in the crust of the Earth could not have remained through a molten period of hundreds of millions of years because being so heavy it would have sunk to the Earth's core. Finally, that difficult is being publicly acknowledged. And of course, to maintain their godless origins belief, evolutionists are compelled to make a secondary assumption to accommodate this: that an extensive stream of meteorites brought the gold to the Earth after it solidified. :) This mechanism is apparently becoming popular as it's also used to explain where the water on Earth has come from. And of course, these ideas compound another problem for evolutionists: Because meteorites are high in nickel, in their model, there are billions of years of missing nickel from the crust of the earth, which would have been deposited here if there were billions of years of meteorites hitting the Earth.

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