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May 6 2011 - Now Soft Tissue From A Mosasaur!

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Posted 21 May 2011 - 10:21 AM

Listen here.

* Iron-clad Dinosaur-era Soft-tissue: Co-hosts Fred Williams and Bob Enyart talk about last week's stunning peer-reviewed report of yet another soft-tissue discovery (after such finds from a T. rex, a hadrosaur, and archeopteryx). This time scientists from secular universities in Europe and America use sophisticated techniques to rule out modern contamination, and conclude that original biological material exists from a relatively small bone from an allegedly 70-million year old extinct marine reptile called a Mosasaur. The electron microscope was invented in 1931 and even from 1903 the ultramicroscope could study objects smaller than the wavelength of light. Thus more than a century of lost opportunity has passed with perhaps millions of fossils improperly handled because evolutionary bias has been so stifling that countless scientists likely never even considered looking for original biological material.

* Mosasaur Meets Real Science Friday: Bob asked long-time friend of BEL, Dave Willis from Indiana, to join the conversation about this latest news, reported also in Science Digest, May 2, 2011, for Dave has interacted at length with various scientists involved in the extraordinary discovery of proteins from what they call the Mesozoic Era. (As established by many proofs, see RSF's List of Not So Old Things, the Mesozoic Era was not an era but a rapidly-deposited sedimentary layer.)

* Complete Collagen Decay Expected in Thousands of Years: Dave Willis and Fred Williams talk about the calculated maximum survival time of collagen, not in millions but in thousands of years, according to a 2008 report in Science Magazine as it relates to the discoveries of soft dinosaur tissue.

* And Now, Amino Acids Line Up to show a Young Earth: Amino acids are not symmetrical and exist in equal proportions on earth in their right- and left-handed forms. However, living cells use only left-handed amino acids, and after death, an inexorable process of decay begins to randomize the handedness. Thus, with the report from the Royal Society of London a decade ago mentioning the unfinished racemization of amino acids in dinosaur eggs, creationists have been eager to show that, as an additional confirmation that dinosaurs did not live millions but only thousands of years ago, that the amino acids in soft-tissue fossils will not have become randomized!

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