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Expanding Earth.

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Posted 19 May 2007 - 12:02 PM

What's wrong with this guys theory?
check it out

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Posted 19 May 2007 - 12:36 PM

What's wrong with this guys theory?
check it out

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What's right with it? :) He looks like he has done next to no research at all whatsoever.

Against this is the current Pangea theory which insists … that the continents float willy, nilly about the Earth, spinning, sliding, bumping, and crashing like bumper cars in a carnival. (That’s a common description … which some geologists are currently backing away from… in small numbers.) The Pangea theory says the Earth was assembled 4.5 billion years ago in a “universal instant” from debris … that was collected in our galaxy, to this size, (by a method that is never … I repeat never explained, why this assembly of material mysteriously ended at exactly this time, and didn’t continue to provide more material is a brutally illogical contradiction. Sometime in the previous 9 billion years, this stuff collected. Yet, for the last 4.5 billion years no new stuff collected, according to our 150 year old theory. How can that be? There is no possible explanation for this contradiction. It’s almost silly. It’s certainly naïve, but still it is one hundred and fifty years old.

This bit made me laugh, the Pangea theory says nothing of the sort.

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Posted 19 May 2007 - 12:53 PM

What's wrong with this guys theory?
check it out

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There's a ton of stuff wrong. Too much to go into depth with but here's the main problem.

A smaller earth means 1 of 2 things. The earth was less massive, or the earth had the same mass compressed to a higher density.

His proposed mechanism for adding mass is "pair production" which doesn't actually produce new mass in the universe. It just does a temporary energy->mass conversion that is quickly undone back to energy except around black holes (see Hawking radiation). If it were generating mass in the earth, the earth would be cooling very quickly from the removal of energy.

For the earth to be more dense it would require some force compressing it that is greater than the standard force of gravity. There's no known or proposed force capable of doing this.

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