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Are Hominin Fossils Consistent With Creationism?

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Posted 03 March 2011 - 12:34 PM

A normal human with unusual features (ie. smaller cranium, different facial morphology, shorter, thicker bones, ect) might exist somewhere in the world... but they’re certainly not common. Homo erectus fossils have been found in Africa, Asia and some parts of Europe. Fossil formation is a rare event in itself, and the chances are pretty slim that in all those locations only individuals with an uncommon disfiguration were fossilized. ...

Not if you reckon that disfigured individuals may have been kept away from other people by locking them up in caves. It's quite common practice in many cultures to hide away children that are disfigured by disease, especially if it's something herditary the child has from birth.

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Posted 06 March 2011 - 12:34 AM

As far as brain size evolution goes:

Nova did a special on evolution: What Darwin Never Knew - where a researcher noted a mutated gene in humans that controls the development of the jaw muscle.

Apes have a normal version of the same gene (MYH16) which gives them much stronger jaw muscles. The constriction of the jaw muscles is thought to prevent the skull of apes from growing past a certain point.

Without such powerful jaw muscles, human skulls are able to grow larger - leading to a larger brain.

I believe the hominids are ancient humans whose brain size were probably limited by having stronger jaw muscles - which would have been useful if the diet of early man was meant to be vegetarian.

At some point, there was probably a mutation in the jaw muscle in the human race which led to humans developing larger brains. As noted before, this doesn't necessarily mean that humans got smarter as their brains got larger. It just means that their skulls would start looking different. There's no reason to believe that the way modern humans look is exactly like Adam and Eve looked - or that a hominid with some differences in bone shape was less human than we are.

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