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Odd One Out Competition

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Posted 06 July 2010 - 03:10 PM

This is taken from another thread, and the pictures come from skepticwiki.

Posted Image

I think everyone would say that the one at the bottom is the odd one out. Notice how in the bottom one, there has been fusion of some of the fingers, and the bottom one also has no claws. Both empirical details, which are scientifically describable. We can look at hands from other skeletons and scientifically describe the percentage fusion that they display.

Posted Image

In this one, the one on the right is clearly the odd one out. The pubis and ischium are fused, there are two holes instead of one in the pelvis and the one hole is moved into a posterior position.

Posted Image

The bottom one here is the odd one out, obviously. The vertebrae are more delicate, there is an obvious beak instead of a jaw, the top two have teeth and distinctive ossification around the eye socket plus distinctive hole formation through the skull. The foramen magnum (the hole where the vertebrae join the skull) is at the back in the left two and much more lower on the right one.

Posted Image

In this case, everyone should be able to see that the odd one out is the one on the right, all the points above are on this diagram, plus you can see the extra details such as the long tail rather than the fused verterbrae in the one on the right, and the dew claw present in the two on the left.

Looking at these, there is an obvious relationship between two of them and the other is very clearly the out-group.

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