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That’s The Evolution Way.

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Posted 06 July 2011 - 05:55 AM

1. I asked whether or not you were conflating "Christian" and "follower of Christ".

No, you made an assertion (in your post #134) by attempting to tie a fallacious and intentional misrepresentation to your “Christian” tag in your failed effort to answer my question “What did Jesus say a Christian is?”

Your statement: “Jesus made no statements as to what a Christian is. As you well know the term was introduced at some point subsequent to his crucifixion. Are you conflating 'follower of Christ' with 'Christian'. I think so, but would like confirmation in order to avoid time wasted replyin to the wrong question.” is as wholly illogical as saying dinosaurs didn't exist prior to the seventeen hundreds, because the word "dinosaur" didn't exist prior to that time. You do realize that, do you not?

Therefore the above is a totally fallacious misrepresentation, as I pointed out in my reply to you (Post #135)

And yet you continue to run from it.

2. I did not indicate implicitly or explictly that such a conflation was wrong or undesirable.

Your original misrepresentation shows otherwise.

3. I simply asked for clarification of your intent, so that I did not pursue a pointless line of discussion over the meaning of terms.

Post # 135 and # 136 prove otherwise. And you have failed to adequately address them.

4. As a reward for seeking clarification you put your mod hat on!

The only time the ::Mod Hat:: is inserted, is when forum rules are being violated. SO, now my question becomes, are you complaining about the forum moderating here?

At this point, you need to fully explain your statement #4!

Your interpretation of all of this is based upon your belief that Christ was the son of God, etc.
My interpretation is based on the notion he was a historical figure and altogether human.
This creates two irreconcilable viewpoints.
I trust you will not claim my withdrawal from this discussion as evidence of some kind of victory.

1- ALL of my statements are based solely upon the evidence adduced.
2- The historical Jesus IS well founded by a plethora of contemporanious documentation, and documentation in the succeeding two hundred years. Further, His "HISTORICAL" actions (Life, ministry, miracles, death, burial and ressurection) are well ducumented by actual eyewitnesses.
3-You, on the other hand, are basing your statements upon your worldview and mere opinion. As evidenced by your statements, attempts to twist the evidences, and lack of evidence to back up your statements and assertions.

Conclusion: Mine is NOT an intrepretation, but a literal assement of the facts. Yours, again, IS an interpretation based upon your beliefs (worldview that bumps up against the facts, and cannot accept them), and because you don't like the facts, you can do nothing more than posit presuppositions and 'a priori' opinions against them.

Further, this is not about “victory”, but about the evidences that we have to support our assertions. Further, I don’t claim to be right, I claim that the Biblical standard is correct, and has yet to be proven wrong.

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