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The Things That People Do.

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Posted 21 April 2011 - 05:32 PM

Today I went across town to fix several computers on the blink. When I left there after finishing up, I witnesses a car accident. The car swerved off the road for no reason, and slammed into a big oak tree. Of course the car got the worst end of that. There was one other car that stopped, and the guy looked confused on what to do, but he did call 911. So I got out and grabbed my crutch and hobbled over to the car to see about the driver.

Fearing that what I might see is someone badly injured or dead. but as I got closer the person inside was beating on the door so I thought the door was jammed and he was freaking out. But to my surprise to door opened easily for me. And I quickly realized the guy was not beating on the door to get out, he was having a seizure.

So I quickly grab his head to make sure he did not injure himself. And stood there holding him wondering when his seizure would pass. I then prayed and his seizure stopped. And now he was unconscious. But was breathing, but labored breathing. I was worried he might get worse. So I told the other guy to make sure the ambulance was on the way. So he called them back and they said yes. And while he was on the phone the guy regained consciousness. He tried to remove my hands from his head in which I told him he was in a car accident and I was keeping his head still so he would not injure himself. At which point he allowed it.

As we were there basically not saying anything because he was in a daze. I still think he did not know what happened at that point. Then the security guard arrived and I asked him to take over holding the guys head because my back was starting to hurt in the bent over position I was in. While standing back, I noticed beer bottles in his car. Opened and empty. I thought: The guy has seizures and he drinks and drives. :angry: He could have killed some body.

The police got there first, then the firetruck and ambulance. At this time he was able to get out of the car on his own. And staggered around as the security guard tried to help him. They put a neck brace on and then tried to get him on a back board to tie him down for transport. At this point he decided to fight. It took 6 guys to hold him down so they could tie him down. I left at that point after the officer took my name and phone number (which I know I will regret been through this before).

So why in the heck is someone behind the wheel who has seizures and drinks? I guess until he goes to jail, or kills himself or someone else, he is not going to stop.

Pray that this will be used to help him find God, so he will quit doing this.

he did not look injured, but as hard as he hit that tree I know he is going to feel it tomorrow.

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