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Mar 16 2011 - Pre-flood World

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Posted 21 May 2011 - 10:03 AM

Listen here.

* Conditions on the Pre-Flood Earth: A member of Fred William's forum at EvolutionFairytale.com wrote and asked Bob and Fred to discuss on air what the world would have been like before the global flood. So the guys talk about the:
- massive remnants of arctic circle forests
- remains of millions of mammoths in the arctic circle
- the earth's rapidly declining magnetic field
- the rich oxygen content in air bubbles trapped in ancient amber
- the canopy theory
- no thorns and thistles prior to Adam's fall
- the Earth later rolling on its axis.

* Earth's Roll on its Axis: This last item explains a lot. All that arctic circle life, in its forests, and its plant and animal life grew on a more temperate part of the Earth that later rolled northward to the arctic circle. This explains how there was enough light, liquid water, and warmth for that all that biomass to accumulate. And on this Real Science Friday show co-hosts Fred Williams and Bob Enyart make the second RSF prediction.

* RSF Prediction #2 on Fossilized Mutations: When a systematic assessment of mutations in the fossil record is made (such as with teeth, skeletons, etc.), it will show far fewer mutations in the fossil record as compared to modern mutations. This will demonstrate the lower mutation load that flows naturally as predicted by creationists..

* Today's Continents vs. Yesterday: Nearly a mile of sedimentary depostis cover continents today, and they contain billions of dead things laid down by water all over the earth. How were things different before the global flood? Here are some examples.

* Oxygen Content: Secular scientists have found air bubbles in fossilized sap (amber) and the oxygen content is typically measured as much higher than it is today. Hyperbaric chambers today are used for growing plants and to treat human patients, indicating that this would be a healthier environment.

* Magnetic Field: Dr. Russell Humphreys from Los Angeles National Laboratories has shown that the magnetic field of the earth was once much stronger, which provided greater protection for life on earth from the radioactivity of the Sun. And with the magnetic field's rapid decay rate, when you reverse that decay by taking into account the current half-life of our magnetic field, the results provide evidence that the earth is not millions of years old.

* Mummified Arctic Forest and Frozen Mammoths: Scientists report the existence of an enormous forest of mummified trees in the arctic circle. Dozens of frozen mammoth discoveries along with massive tusk deposits indicate that millions of mammoths lived in what today is the arctic circle. They couldn't survive there today. Why not? They didn't have wool; they didn't have oil glands under their skin; they would loose too much warmth from their trunks; they require a hundred pounds of vegetation per day; and yet the arctic doesn't get enough sunlight for all that vegetation to grow; and in the winter time, surface water is frozen typically to three feet deep.

* Thorns and Thistles: Prior to the Fall, there were no thorns and thistles and so the Earth freely gave to man his sustenance. Yet God designed the Earth so that if men sinned, it would become much more difficult for men to earn a living. Why? As shown by so many rock stars, lottery winners, and celebrities, when we have so much material wealth that we don't need one another, it's often easier to break up then to work through our problems. So, as Barbara Streisand sang, "People who need people are the luckiest people in the world." And either than the fact that luck does not exist, this thought was one thing of value she contributed to mankind.

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