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The Second Law Speaks Of Jesus

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Posted 09 August 2011 - 06:23 AM

The Second Law Of Thermal Dynamics

Everyone form mechanics to physicists have heard of it, some people have a sweeping understanding of it and others know it oh so well. As a lab tech in the field of mechanical testing dealing mainly with pressures and volumes I only had a rudimentary knowledge before I entered this debate, in other words I knew what everyone else knows: you can’t get out more than you put in and what you do put in will always run out! When you think about it in these kind of general terms one does tend to think evolutionists are rather unhinged from reality because it's just such a simple concept! The poor academics who have tried fruitlessly to point this most basic of errors out to their so called intelligent piers have been ridiculed and consigned to the status of heretic and or leper Granville Sewell being amongst one of the latest.

In my opinion, the treatment of the second law will go down in human history as one of the most disgraceful acts of omission and deliberate deception by men and women who have purposefully tried to hide and confuse people over this issue. What does this have to do with Jesus you ask?

Well in my wanderings I have learned a little more about the issues surrounding this fundamental law.

And I have come to this conclusion; something must die so that we may live!

Huh you say? (some might know where this is going straight away) They should no longer be called the law of thermodynamics which belongs to the steam train era and conjures up all sorts of images of steam engines and heat driven mechanical process they should now be called the law of energy!

For those of you that are not familiar with this second law, it is aka the law of entropy (many people now believe it is universal). It basically states that entropy increases or that differences in temperature pressure and density (information, order) will even out, its associated mainly with energy loss in systems that transform energy utilizing heat. It is also stated to apply to an isolated system or a system that has no external input. Just like hooking a hose up between two pressurized gas cylinders, the system is isolated and the pressure between the two cylinders will achieve an equal state. If there is no output or input nothing happens past this point, fairly straight forward so far.
One of the biggest cons of human history begins right here, it turns out that this law is equally applicable to open systems! whatever energy is put into an open system will eventually go into uniformity with it surroundings.I know this type of argument can be viewed as way to simplistic but I am always reminded of the Word and what a dear friend of mine once quoted to me: "in many words there is sin" in other words complexity of argument is usually a sign of deceit, the truth is simple and it can be condensed to make up a sum total of the whole! Take this for example e=mc2 dead simple really! So these types of argument can still be made, it's up to the big guns to make the equations but postulation is ALWAYS the first step to solid empirical data.

Well the base level evolutionists argument is; so? The earth is an open system as long as energy is continuously put in the input out weighs the output therefore the entropy can be viewed as not only counterbalanced but in fact reduced, Just think of a fridge!

Bad argument I feel, this argument is based on the assumption that the earth is the system. Well here I go! No the earth is not the system to be concerned with here I believe that the Earth is NOT the system, but rather the ‘solar system’ (aptly named?) is the system that supports life on Earth, any of you that have thermodynamics experience will know that for the purposes of problem solving and calculation you can break certain parts of any given system down. So I would further propose that the solar system supplies the energy requirements for the biosphere on the earth and that the biosphere is the system that reduces entropy on the earth and supplies energy to the animals and MAN (you will note that this runs in line with scripture, I didn’t postulate it this way but I noted it afterward)

Lets have a look at a contemporary description of a system:

"A system contains only internal energy. A system does not contain energy
In the form of heat or work. Heat and work are the means by which a system
Exchanges energy with its surroundings. Heat and work exist only during a
Change in the system. The relationship between heat (q), work and changes in
Internal energy is dictated by the law of conservation of energy, expressed
In the form known as the first law of thermodynamics"
[Brouwer, Henry. Small-scale thermochemistry experiment]

Many an atheist and evolutionist would use this as an out to not include the sun in our system but as an external input, well that fly’s in the face of their fridge argument (energy + mechanism = reduction in entropy)The energy is part of the system if you look at this problem any other way it is just ridiculous, you can’t have it any other way!
Many a thinker and philosopher have tried to set the record straight be they creationists or evolutionists who are honest scientists, Bad philosophy no.1 heat=energy wrong! This is energy (mc2) Once again we have the image of the locomotive being shovelled full of coal and the burning furnace full of energy. Heat is not energy but rather it is the entropic release (I know I know! Just humor me) of energy by work being done at the atomic level, we can harness this work and use the heat as a means of energy transference but it is not in itself energy, it is the transfer process of kinetic energy this is in line with the first law that says energy can neither be created or destroyed but it may be transformed, this speaks of the transformation from potential to kinetic then on into uniformity, heat is actually a quandary for many people but to me it is quite simple heat=kinetic energy on its way into uniformity (quick better catch some of that energy before its rendered useless) if a transformation mechanism is not in place the energy goes into uniformity with its surroundings, if its surroundings are receiving another source of energy like let’s say, heat transference from beneath due to pressure causing immense kinetic energy with decaying radioactive materials and reciprocation mechanisms are not in place then the net increase in energy levels will be equalizing on an upward gradient of uniformity over a period of time, this is not an insignificant point.

Look at the deserts, do we ever see any off them get greener or become rainy or recede? No this thing does not go backward, I'm sorry to say to all you evolutionists reading this.Not when you have two constant sources of energy firing away at each other.

So now we have the energy from above and the energy from below, all being transferred via heat.
Daniel F Styers glibly approached this problem in his rebuttal to Sewell’s first attempt, he arrogantly started his paper with remarks about how the equations would be useful for high school students.
He made two dubious remarks in that paper as far as I'm concerned including one to the effect that the radiation from the sun and the heat from the earth ‘where balancing each other out’ and its been getting better ever since (I’m sure he meant play school students) I don't see how that much solar radiation can just balance out without a mechanism to transform it, his reasoning was that the energy from earth was radiating out into space and entropy was increasing across the boundary. Maybe now but without the mechanism to slow the entropy via transformation the earth would be scorched during the day and frozen at night, life could not have evolved under these conditions.

Short mention of another evolutionist (Annila et al) who did some calcs at the same time she thought entropy was increasing?? So did another colleague. So at the end of the day the issue is still wide open.

(I know this is taking a while to dribble out but bear with me)

So we have narrowed down this mysterious open system that can organize external input of energy to that which exists in between these sources of energy. (there will be some of you starting to get a real picture of where I am going with this by now)The one thing evolutionists have got right is that we and the animals of the planet are all related, but just not in the way they say and I'm darn sure we can make a good case of it.
If you are familiar with biology you will know doubt know of the exergonic and endorgonic process’s. entropy negative and entropy positive, life and death energy in energy out (very simply put).
One of the arguments that is devoid of philosophy that an evolutionist will make is: if entropy is a problem how can a seed grow? well the answer is very simple, through the exergonic /endorgonic process. The life before has undergone the ultimate endergonic process and released it's free energy into the soil. the bacteria fungi worms etc. The seed will draw from this energy plus solar/earth energy. How could this happen without something dying first? You cant have one without the other, the shear science fiction that is arising today is as a result of coming to this dead end. I had an atheist pleading with me to consider the great science fiction writers. I think not.

It gets even better, the entire collection of lifeforms on earth from the smallest single celled organism to MAN is one big system that is made up sequentially of one biological system after the next each one depending on the one before to arrange the free energy required from the endergonic death process to begin the exergenic cycle of life. This is the free energy from below, it will draw from this energy to reach up and counteract the entropy of the sun for us by acting as part of the biological reciprocal for this energy and the cycle continues.

Something must die so that we can live, this was first exampled by God who after casting Adam and Eve from the garden He killed animals and covered their nakedness.

Abel killed and sacrificed.God was pleased.

The patriarchs sacrificed, they lived despite their sin

The priests sacrificed, the people sacrificed, they lived despite their sin

Jesus sacrificed Himself....

Thermal energy put into a system is no good on its own, in fact I have alluded to the position that the energy being put into the earth via the sun and the heat below is causing the planet to die a slow heat or excess energy death. It requires a reciprocal mechanism to transform the energy. It is my contention that the system that is counteracting the entropy, that is to say causing the decrease is in fact the biosphere. It is a finally tuned mechanism that cannot be altered via any equations, take away one and another suffers the mechanism starts to break down. It has been doing so for thousands of years and the evidence is all around, deserts,water depletion, crops failing and millions are starving to death.
The entropy on the earth is increasing, the biosphere is no longer able to transform the energy and the level of uniformity in the environment is increasing dramatically.
The earth is in a spontaneous reaction just like a dying engine that won’t run for ever without intervention from the maker, God has done some tune ups along the way I am sure. But another thing I am sure of is this: There will be no more tune ups until the Lord returns.

Anyone that thinks we went uphill to this situation needs to have a cup of tea and a good think, then perhaps a lay down!

Something must die so that we can live, this is exemplified in the creation, it is exemplified in the sun the earth and the organisms and animals that had to die in the chain before us. I am not a clever man and I don't have the mathematics nor the years of experience necessary to put a wholly robust equation together, but there is one thing I feel very strongly about,

The second law speaks of Jesus!

God Bless

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