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April 2012 Show Of The Month - Asu Agrees 90% Of Marine Species Killed

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Posted 19 May 2012 - 09:52 AM

Special: Also hear about Fred's dog jumping out of his car going 60 miles an hour.

* Worldwide Extinction Event Evidence of Hydroplate Theory: Real Science Friday co-hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams ask whether a new scientific discovery helps to confirm Walt Brown's Hydroplate Theory explanation of The Origin of Earth's Radioactivity. Scientists at Arizona State University discovered that the global catastrophe that killed 90% of the life in the oceans occurred simultaneously with a dramatic worldwide radioactivity event! (See video below and AiG's article.)
* A (Tail) Bone to Pick with Fox News: After Fox News wrongly claimed that humans have vestigial organs, Bob offers to pay to have Bill O'Reilly's tail bone removed.
* Sea Level Rise and the Earth Divided in the Days of Peleg: For a couple hundred years after the flood, massive land bridges connected the Americas to Asia, Australia, and Europe. (That aids understanding of the post-flood migration of people and animals, including "woolly" mammoths.) Today, if you lower sea level by just a few hundred feet, bridges would re-emerge connecting the continents. As mountain ranges settled, they lifted up the earth's great plateaus (Colorado, Tibetan, etc.). And as the entire continents themselves settled back into the mantel, they raised the sea floor dramatically, submerging the post-flood land bridges. The Hebrew name Peleg means to divide by water (like our archipelago, a chain of islands). Thus the Bible says, that "the name of one [son] was Peleg, for in his days the Earth was divided" (Gen. 10:25). Hear Bob Enyart and Walt Brown discuss this in the RSF show,Walt on Where the Water Went.

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Posted 20 May 2012 - 11:31 PM

90% is an evolutionary assumption of course. There are millions of marine species, but the extinct list numbers in the thousands. They're assuming that 90% of the species living during the Permian era went extinct, but that boundary is not a global boundary.

"...Gastaldo led students on six trips to South African locations purported to be home to evidence of the Permian extinction—specifically, a thin sedimentary layer separating the Permian period from the Triassic that followed it. But according to Gastaldo, that layer “couldn’t be traced more than about 100 meters laterally,” showing that it wasn’t a global event. “We spent days walking kilometers throughout the [sites] trying to trace it from every angle and couldn’t,” Gastaldo said.

Yet in other places, the team found the sedimentary layer eight meters below the Permian–Triassic boundary! Gastaldo’s conclusion? “Because the boundary event bed doesn’t occur at the same position in the rock record there can be no one, unique event.


So, I would predict that the same radioactive phenomenon will be found throughout the geologic column.


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