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August 2012 Show Of The Month - Moon Hoax

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Posted 20 September 2012 - 08:19 PM

* Real Science Friday Answers the Moon Hoax Claims: RSF co-hosts Bob Enyartand Fred Williams discuss:

- the passing of Neil Armstrong
- the communion that Buzz Aldrin partook of on the moon
- the truth that NASA feared too much dust on the moon
- the need for creationists to begin using again the moon-dust argument
- the definitive rebuttals to the various moon landing hoax allegations, and
- the right cross (punch in the face, in Christian love of course) that Aldrin delivered right on target to a conspiracy theory filmmaker.

* On the Moon Dust: For more about NASA's serious concern that a four billion year-old moon might have had a hundred feet or more of accumulated dust on its surface, check out RealScienceFriday.com//NASA-feared-deep-moon-dust. For the argument that the missing dust should be used by biblical creationists, see Dr. Walt Brown's brief summary and then his careful analysis of how much dust would be on an old moon (a lot). Regarding the young-earth creation ministries that say the moon-dust argument should be avoided, RSF urges them to take up Walt Brown's challenge to show where his straightforward mathematical calculations are in error, or where his data is insufficient to make the case. Better yet though, other creation ministries should themselves adopt this powerful argument for a young moon!

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