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Posted 07 October 2005 - 10:57 AM

Hello all,
My apologies for any errors of etiquette. I hope I did not post this twice. I have read and will make my best effort to hold to the “Rules” and invite any critiques, advice, etc. Not only new to you but this will be my first attempt at a "forum". I have been involved in the Creation vs. Evolution debate for over 20 years. First as a supporter of the idea that we are beings created by other non-god beings. My brother took on that task and was able to point me in a direction which he new my overtly logical mind would drive me to the only reasonable conclusion; If I choose to believe the Bible then I must accept it as whole and reliable. So an alien beginning became impossible.
I found this forum while I was looking for Creation vs. Evolution wallpaper (something along the lines of "Evolution is for the religiously ignorant", for my laptop and came across a discussion between Fred and LuckyStrike (now banned as I read on). It seemed to me that LuckyStrike defeated his own argument early in the discussion with his own statement, "The Hebrew word for "created" [NIV, NASB, and KJV] is 'bara (Strong's #1254), which is used in the Qal word stem and is in a Perfect word mood, which means it expresses a completed action. It means "to shape, fashion, create" [Strong's Lexicon]. This means that God completed creating the heavens and the earth before Genesis 1:2.". I am sure my next statement is rhetorical to most of you; According to his argument, God was finished creating in Gen. 1:1. Why then is there a Gen. 1:2 or anything beyond? To me it is obvious that God must not have been finished and therefore the definition supplied by LuckyStrike is inaccurate. In my experience, circular logic is commonly used against Inteilligent Design, Young Earth, Devine Creation, etc.
I look forward “sharpening my sword” here.

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Posted 07 October 2005 - 12:40 PM

Welcome to the Forum!


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Posted 18 October 2005 - 07:07 PM

Welcome. God's word is the sharpening stone.

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