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Red Cross Gets Ripped Off.

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Posted 29 October 2005 - 02:00 AM

A friend of mine works for the Red Cross. What I'm going to tell you here, you will not hear on the news. Why? The Red Cross does not want a black eye from this. I really don't see how, but I really believe people need to know this. So I'm not going to mention names, or go into to much detail on the where. I'll be making more of a general comment on this.

My friends works counseling people, and interviewing for acceptance for aid. He said that there is so much fraud going on that the Red Cross has lost more money than it can keep track of. The problem is: People are coming from areas claiming to be part of the victims, when they are not. Red Cross puts them up in hotels only to find out later they lied. So they kick them out.

A lot of the ones who are legit, do not want to get a job. They have been on welfare for so long they have totally become dependant on not working. The Red Cross only can afford to put them up for so long, then they have to kick them out on the street. But there is good news as well. Some do get jobs, and have thanked my friend that they are now in the work force and feel like somebody.

Over in the actual area where Katrina hit. The people are ripping off those who are trying to help. Both gov departments and churches. Valunteers are quiting in droves, some have even said that those people can rot in hell. This has gotten so bad, the Red Cross is running out of money, and out of people. They are pulling from all resources nation wide. Which leaves all local Red Cross community places broke. They have said that this one disaster has topped all in the money they have had to use.

They have to do this because to help the wilma victims, they have to. Funds are gone. And if another storm hits, I doubt the Red Cross will survive it. They have already cut the fuel allowance to it's workers cause they could not afford it anymore. This of course, has made even more quit. Because of the high fuel prices, not many could afford it anyway.

Con artist, drugies, criminals etc... are all taking advantage of this. And the problem keeps growing. Because these same people go to other areas where Red Cross is and do the samething.

Legit people suffer because morals of our society has gotten this bad. How many people, before all of this is over with, will possibly die because no one can give them the support they need? In actualality, this will give all of America a black eye.

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Posted 29 October 2005 - 05:25 PM

We live in the Devil's world, and all of that is just a testimony to it, and is a good reason why you have to be careful how you help people. If your not careful, you just end up white washing the Devil's world.


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