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Prayer For A Friend Who's Brother Committed

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Posted 03 February 2006 - 11:56 AM

Recieved a call late last night from a friend. He told me his brother had committed suicide. You know, it's amazing how people will deny things about evil, and say there is no heaven, no God, no hell, and no devil. But there is no scientific explaination as to why someone would do such evil to themselves. no one can even explain how such evil or good came into existance through natural means.

I look at such things, and just feel the presence of evil. And it laughs at my sorrow for my friend and his family. It's when your in the middle of it, is when you really feel it's presence. It's like it's alive as it taunts you. All those evil voices, thoughts of depression etc... Make you realize there is some driving force out there that pushes people over the edge to commit such a thing.

I think we have all at one point had these thoughts. When everything just seems to go bad. Or when your life is just one big pain. If thoughts are just thoughts, then why is evil always something that seems to be a struggle that is like a fight going on inside your mind. Where sometimes even your sanity seems to be at stake. Where you go to the edge, and then have to fight your way back. But some give. Thoughts are just thoughts, real evil requires a fight.

All of this just proves to me even more that there are forces that we cannot see. Things that even if we deny, they are still there. And if evil is not what it seems to be, then why does everyone feel the same way about it? Why has everyone had the same experiences with the same struggles? Why is evil something you can actually feel when it's at it's strongest?

Pray for my friend and his family. For I know right now he is struggling with all these things. Bad thoughts, evil things. Even pondering things he should not.


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