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    i think the issue is being muddled. science is nothing more or less than simply finding the laws and rules that model reality as we know it. whether there is a god or not does nothing to alter that. the thing that bothers me is whether creationists or atheists will influence the judgement of science. we are already seeing this sort of thing in peer review when "allusions to ID" gets removed from science papers. we also see this sort of thing with phrases such as "forming a united front against the creationists". this is plain wrong. we see this sort of thing when we see creationists referred to as "nutters" and "wing nuts". this isn't science, science couldn't care less if you believed in a god. i firmly believe that this aversion to creationists has hampered science in regards to evolution because certain discoveries has been dismissed because they "alluded to ID".
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    Are you arguing Christian Creationists are not "religious", that christian creationism is not a religion? If not, then please, try to present alternative definitions, ones you think would describe it better. Some members here scoff at the value of semantics, but as a 'logician' I trust you have the appropriate respect for the importance of proper and specific language. By your definition no one accepts more than 0,00001% of religion, except maybe the few new-age pantheists. Every religion sticks to their own defined dogma, rejecting every other existing or dead religion. You are making a distinction without a difference with that argument. No, but the "fanboys" would know of Artyon Senna's achievements on the race track, possibly have even good idea what made him such a good driver. Just as a science "fan boy", or 'hobbyist', might have knowledge on the achievements of fellows like Hawking, Feynman, Marie Curie and Carolus Linnaeus, and might even grasp on what makes their achievements important, relevant, reliable, or suspect.
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    An atheist simply doesn't believe in god(s). The is no requirement for them to insist that there is no god(s). What is so disgusting about not believing in god(s)?
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    Maybe this will jog your memory Mike One of the ALL TIME CLASSIC embarrassments for the Atheist community.... I never get tired of sharing it for people... watch poor "Lil Jack" Horner spew and splurt... bob and weave, shuck and jive...... THIS should be REQUIRED viewing for every single public school biology student on the planet..... It EXPOSES the myth that Evolutionists only care about "science" and the "truth"... CODSWALLOP!!
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    i completely agree. i got my first shot just a few hours before i was to turn in for the night and i slept like a baby. i woke up the next morning invigorated, ready to take on godzilla himself, i even met vice president putin.
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    Hi, I'm sure this will shock some of you but thought I would let you all know that yesterday I volunteered for the vaccine trials for Covid-19. The vaccine is one that was created in Russia. I received my first shot yesterday at 4:00 pm, and I wanted to let you all know that it’s completely safe, with иo side effects whatsoeveя, and that I feelshκι χoρoshό я чувствую себя немного странно и я думаю, что вытащил ослиные уtr. Джорджина
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    for those that thinks this "supernatural" stuff is so much nonsense: "I worked with a seller who claimed their house was haunted by a ghost who lived in the basement," says Jennifer Stauter Kornstedt, a Zillow Premier Agent in Wisconsin. "When I arrived for the open house, I heard banging noises coming from the basement. I went to investigate but could not find the source of the noise. Then the phone rang three times with only static on the other end." Stauter Kornstedt says she and the seller agreed to disclose the creepy companion to any potential buyer even though they didn't have to under to Wisconsin law. Ultimately, the homeowners decided to stay in their house, but Stauter Kornstedt says she's been spooked ever since. http://zillow.mediaroom.com/2019-10-29-Selling-a-Haunted-House-Heres-What-You-Need-to-Know the important thing to remember is there are laws on the books concerning this stuff. you simply CANNOT ascribe that to fantasy.
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    Good question.. I will look into it.. But keep in mind that whatever explanation may be found it would be far more PARSIMONIOUS then the insane idea that those Tortugas descended from the SAME common ancestor that mosquitos, woodpeckers, jellyfish and strawberries did wouldn't you agree?
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    to a certain degree yes. of course this only applies to something you have to NOT to believe ( other than words such as ridiculous or ludicrous). for example in my opinion, you personally have no reason to not believe in god simply because you find the concept absurd. and i'll wholeheartedly agree with that, but there are other intangibles that you are either missing or dismissing. if you are missing them then you are ignorant, if you are dismissing them then you are biased and bigoted. i cannot explain to you what these intangibles are, you must experience them for yourself. but i do know this, science is not the end all be all of knowledge. in my opinion all things are possible until i find a good reason to rule them out, and i've found no reason to rule out god. you are probably sitting there thinking "but it's so absurd" and i'll agree with you, but there are other things equally absurd that are verified facts. just a little something for you to chew on. this is probably one of the reasons i've been labeled as a closet creationist.
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    Classical flutist hears Jethro Tull for the first time ...
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    "atheist" is probably the most disgusting word i've ever heard. there isn't a true scientist alive that will stand up there and say "there is no god". as a matter of fact i believe the reason someone wants to turn this into "a war" is that science is keenly aware of the non linear side of physics, of things that lack an adequate explanation. in short, they are worried, worried the world will find out that life was born complex, the alleged "proto cell" is a joke. for the life of me, and i've given it my best shot, i cannot rule out god, yes it's about as ridiculous as it can get but i cannot deny the evidence either. what evidence you say? like i said, there are things which simply cannot be explained and this is one of them. ridiculous you say? since when did that prevent you from believing the effects precede the cause? but, but, but, we have the math to prove it ! i have the math to prove mandelbox too, except it cannot exist.
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    It probably comes across that way because you like to focus on logic. It does give you good standing to argue across a wide variety of disciplines. But you need to understand a couple points that I'm not sure you do..... For one thing, if the premise is false, one can construct a 100% air tight logical argument and arrive at a false conclusion. That's why I always look at the premise first and it's one of the reasons I decided not declare a philosophy major. The other is that in science, conclusions are aways tentative. The expression: "Proof is for mathematics and alcohol" comes to mind." Ya think ? ? ? Well, I know there are creationists that aren't happy with the moderation either. But we've been without a Constable On Patrol (COP) for some time now and it's to be expected some people will be upset when they're called to account and may think it "unfair." Sometimes you're just going to make people upset when you do your job. I used to explain it to my teen-age students who are in Hormones 101 this way: "There are times when your parents will not let you do something or punish you for something you've done and it will make you so mad you could just spit. But you KNOW deep inside that if they didn't make the decision they did, they wouldn't be doing their JOB as YOUR PARENTS. Hopefully, I made life a little better for a few parents and gave a few students a little insight. I used to call those little distractions "life lessons." Yeah.... but the forum used to have a number of active creationists who were truly knowledgeable in relevant scientists. Gilbo, Adam, BoneDigger, Calypsis. There are only a couple left and they aren't posting much. Moderation has been much the same .... I've seen both creationists and evolutionists banned and I know for a fact you've disciplined both.

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