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  1. menes777

    Where Did Evil Come From?

    Well it seems that in TX the republicans (ie conservatives or christians) thinks that Rape is "ok" because it doesn't lead to pregnancy. “Really, I think it’s silly it’s taken us this long to figure this out,” said Laubenberg. “I think we’ve been intimidated by the Liberal Left into thinking rape is a bad thing, but come on, if you can’t get pregnant, what harm is there in a little rape now and again?” http://www.newslo.com/texas-to-legalize-rape-since-it-doesnt-lead-to-pregnancy/ Talk about proving morality as being relative correct! Going by what some people are saying here Laundenberg should have been condemning rape because it's always evil no matter what society says. Yet here we are where someone has said it was ok and not coming from the atheist or liberal side, the conservative right! The side that is supposed to be all that is good and holy.
  2. menes777

    25 Common Misconceptions About Evolution

    Yep excellent post. It might not be real proof of anything but at least it gives an idea of where evolutionists stand and what they really believe.
  3. menes777

    Accept It: Talk About Evolution Needs To Evolve

    Actually here is why. http://richarddawkins.net/articles/119-why-i-won-39-t-debate-creationists I agree with him. The point of the debate isn't to further truth or really convince either side. It's just a show and Dawkin's has been advised not to give the time or attention to creationists. What are the possible outcomes for him? He wins, the atheists cheer and the creationists still believe what they want. He loses and the atheists still believe what they want and creationists cheer. It's an exercise in futility because it's a dog and pony show, mainly to gain attention to whoever called the debate. Realistically ask yourself, are you watching a debate to really see who will convince you or to support your side of what you already believe to be true? It's akin to watching a football game. You don't go to see who is the better team, you go to support your team. If your team wins so much the better. Of course Football has a clear way for one side to win. A debate on the other hand not so much. Yes there is a moderator that can decide victory but most people decide that for themselves anyway.
  4. menes777


    That's exactly what you believe, you believe that your god has the most <power, holiness, etc...> and therefore he sets what our morality should be. Which is also the unfortunate truth about society. The Aztecs (or more importantly the people in charge) believed it was ok to murder someone to appease their god. We of course consider that evil now but the general consensus at the time was it was ok. At one point h*m*s*xuality was considered a mental defect and was looked down by the majority. Now it's almost considered normal. I consider hating h*m*s*xuality evil. Yet it doesn't matter to you because your god said that h*m*s*xuality is evil and since he is the most powerful his is the only opinion that matters. Yes morality is relative based on perspective. A society can deem whatever it wants to be evil or not evil. Of course a society that values certain morals (say rape and murder) is more likely to fail (in some cases guaranteed to fail) than one that values family, responsibility and other morals that are considered constructive. Just because we don't like a system doesn't make it any less true.
  5. menes777


    So there is no such thing as love, sympathy, empathy, consideration, just intelligence right? Try saying that to your wife next year at valentines day that you got her a gift because you were just being intelligent. Of course it takes intelligence to do those things but that doesn't explain why they do those things.
  6. menes777


    If you go by GLaDOS birds are evil and must be killed.
  7. menes777


    It's called being busy and forgetting that I posted in this thread.
  8. menes777


    Ressurecting here but.. Where in my post do I say that evil no longer exists? My point was that evil is a human invention to describe behaviors that we do not like or find destructive to ourselves or society. Like I said at one point in our history slavery was considered kosher, but now ask most people and they will tell you it's evil. What is evil is all dependent on who you ask, what you ask and when you ask. There could be somethings that no one will ever agree is not evil such as murder, but again that depends on the person. I doubt Dahmer or Hitler would ever think murder is evil (unless of course you are murdering them or someone they are interested in).
  9. menes777

    A Few "more" Questions For Atheists

    I have simple question. What attempts by atheists to dilute the meaning (or definition) of atheism? Do you have examples of this (prefferrably in a linkey)? I ask because I am not entirely sure what you are asking for here. Nevermind I see what your line of thought is.
  10. menes777

    How Does Evolution Stay On Task?

    Yes and no. Evolution does not do anything because it is a process (and you have pointed this out in previous threads). The creature either survives to reproduce or it does not. It's easier to think of those things as rewards and punishments but really it's neither, it's just life. Evolution does not set out to make birds or butterflies or triceratops or sharks or anything else. It's simply a process by which a creature can change to fit it's environment. Yes it's pretty astounding that creatures such as birds have evolved. That's not enough to push me over to thinking everything was created though. There may come a time when only bacteria can inhabit this earth. Is evolution rewarding the bacteria and punishing everything else? No. Is evolution guiding life to all become bacteria. No. It's simply the creature that can best fit into it's environment.
  11. menes777

    Global Warming Alramists Praying To The Moon Goddess?

    Actually you must not read my other posts, I have used the Goldilocks zone in other posts on here. Depending on who you ask the Goldilocks zone for our Solar System is between .72 and 1.5 AU's from the sun. Of course the earth is at 1.0 AU. Let's look at Venus it is 107,476,259 km from the sun. An AU is measured as 149,598,000 KM. So about .72 AU's comes out to 107,710,560 KM. Which puts Venus right at the very edge of our Goldilocks zone. Did you know that the surface of Venus is hotter than the surface of Mercury? Wouldn't you think it would be the other way around? Scientists also believe that the Venus was once earth like and due to a run away greenhouse effect it became like it is today. I think a lack of magnetic field also helped it along. Mars is 206,669,000 km from the sun (249,209,300 km at it's furthest). Which puts it for part of it's year in the goldilocks zone (1.5 AU's = 224,397,000 km). So why is it so cold? The same reason the moon is so cold (in the shade) even though it's within the goldilocks zone the same as the earth. Mars does not have enough of an atmosphere to hold the heat. The same reason that when you lower the pressure on a gas the temperature also lowers too. Now if you were raise the atmospheric pressure on mars and somehow kept it all from being stripped away by the solar wind, the temperature would go up. Also another interesting tidbit. If the distance between the planet and the sun determined the temperature, why is winter in the northern hemisphere when the earth is closest to the sun at that time? Summer should be when it's closest (for both hemispheres) and winter when it's at it's farthest. Yet that is not the case. I have seen that before about the earth being the perfect distance from the sun and the moon being the perfect size to block out the sun. Yet honestly I don't see what's so special about it other than an amazing coincidence. I think I don't see any special message in making those things that way. I would think if it were designed it would be there to tell us something other than "hey look the moon covers the sun almost perfectly!".
  12. menes777

    The Greatest Proof We Were Created

    So when you get Alzheimer's disease you are no longer human? The first paragraph really doesn't make sense in regards to what a human is. You are probably right in the second paragraph I probably haven't deviated enough from my parents to be considered to have evolved. I don't really know and will probably never find out. It's also impossible to measure evolution by individuals and the span of a human lifetime. So your proof is that since no one knows what happened before they were born it means we were created? Because you and I haven't evolved from start to finish without any dying and reproducing in between we must have been created? It's nice to think that each human being was created with an individual soul by a loving god, but it's hardly proof that opposite is false.
  13. Exactly, the worry is not about having too much CO2, the worry about the climate change that will result of having too much of the gas around. The very basis of modern agriculture is based on having a steady and relatively calm climate to produce crops in. Global warming will produce a climate where some locations receive too much rain and others receive too little. The same applies to an ice age as well.
  14. menes777

    Global Warming Alramists Praying To The Moon Goddess?

    Looking at the http://www.globalwarmingawarenessin2007.co...global-warming/ site appears to be someone's blog. Not really something that is official. Looking through your searches what I see is that Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change prayed but not evidence that everyone there prayed the same prayer. Was it appropriate for her to do that? Probably not, but far from a conspiracy that global warming is about worshipping pagan gods. In fact I sensed a little sarcasm in the Washington Posts article regarding it.
  15. menes777

    Global Warming Alramists Praying To The Moon Goddess?

    Actually the proximity to the sun does not have much of an impact unless very close or very far away. The density and composition of the atmosphere have more impact. Just like at the difference between the Earth and the Moon. Both of which are relatively the same distance from the sun. The Moon of course experiences huge temperature differences and the Earth does not. The earth has an atmosphere that both traps heat and prevents it from rising to extremely high temperatures. If Mars had a thicker atmosphere it would be much warmer (or colder depending on the contents of such an atmosphere).

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