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  1. JoshuaJacob

    Scientist Teach Fish To Walk

    Maybe that is a different group, do you have a link to Yours?
  2. JoshuaJacob

    Scientist Teach Fish To Walk

    Wow man, You have over 10,000 people on that page. Are You mack the turtle?
  3. If You are referring to Me, no I don't have any links or facts as I (and You have already said) that it is only My opinion.
  4. This is only My opinion. I believe God used the tectonic plates during the flood to create the land masses We see today. Obviously God sped up the plates during the flood and slowed them back down after the flood, perhaps a bit faster than it is today. If God is the creator of the physical world, I would see no problems with such a God being able to manipulate the physical world.
  5. JoshuaJacob

    Post Fall Or Post Flood?

    Well, I wouldn't see spiders catching insects as something that was "bad" pre-fall. They are apart of the eco-system, so it very well may be that spiders ate other insects and such. But in the end, who really knows?
  6. JoshuaJacob

    Single To Many- The Assumed Transition

    I know, I know....... natural selection!!! Don't ask Me how but just know natural selection is a proven fact I had to throw that out there just in case.
  7. JoshuaJacob

    A Challenge

    What the OP should have asked was name someone well known or famous that is a secular scientist. Do You really think out of 7 billion people and only a small percentage of those are "scientists", that not one would not believe in macro evolution? Do You think that every scientist adheres to the current mainstream belief in Darwinian type evolution?
  8. JoshuaJacob

    The Emotional Argument For Atheism

    God created man in his own image, man (in most cases) is a logical being, therefore God is logical.
  9. H*vind might have a few ideas that don't add up but he has a lot that do add up.
  10. JoshuaJacob

    Life On Other Planets

    The question is a theoretical one of course. I too do not believe there is anything else out there but if there was, how would the body of life on other planets arise from natural processes? This question would be better answered by the ones who think there are/might be life of other planets. If, say on other planets, life arose like they supposedly did here on earth then would they all have the same body structure and functions? Like eyes, ears, and a mouth with internal functions such as digestive systems etc. The reason why I asked this question is because if life here on earth is just a random chance process, they wouldn't life on other planets do the same? Except do they too get the one in a (You know what) chance at forming something totally different or does nature have some sort of organic life blueprint to go by?
  11. JoshuaJacob

    Life On Other Planets

    This is a question that I've often wondered about, about how life on other planets or galaxies would have formed. Would they have formed Eyes, ears, mouth etc? If so, does that mean the nature has "setup" a basic blueprint for how life forms should appear and react to the physical realm?
  12. Again, I think My second sig analogy is perfect for this.
  13. JoshuaJacob

    Gene Duplication: Mechanism Of Evolution?

    Just look at My second sig for another great analogy
  14. JoshuaJacob

    Aronra Is (Finally) Going To Prove Evolution

    Ahh I see Equestions is already here Welcome!
  15. JoshuaJacob

    Aronra Is (Finally) Going To Prove Evolution

    I'm not talking about AronRa btw, I wouldn't waste My time on that guy. Equestions (creationist) is the one I asked to join the forums here, He seems like a well rounded person on subjects like the ones we have here.

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