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  1. Mike Summers

    Evolution On Trial

    Nature can do everything. Therefore, nature is evo's god of the gaps! LOL
  2. Mike Summers

    Thou Shalt Not Lie

    Goku said: Do you think those that those that were hiding the Jews from the Nazis actually lied? You think different than I do! Those that were hiding the Jews from the Nazis knew what the Nazis wanted to do "wrongly" to the Jews! The real question posed by the Nazis was: "Are there any Jews here so we can kill or torture them?" For sure my answer would have been, "No!"
  3. Goku said You say well. But as my mom said, two wrongs don't make a right! If you think about it, man is responsible for the evil we do to each other. I am curious though what percentage of our problems are "natural disasters"? You assume they are natural disasters when the Bible claims the fallen angel Satan is the god of this world and ultimately he is responsible for evil and I dare say "natural disasters!" Moreover, the Bible points out that this current life is not an end in itself. I think of it as a training time for creators. We are being taught what not to create--to self limit what we create (no evil--things that harm our relationship with God, other creators or ouselves. Don't forget we have freedom to go out and love, do good and promote the general well being! Which one have you chosen?
  4. Mike Summers

    Goo To Sight

    Sleepy house said: Great points. It does seem far fetched! Dawkins claimed the eye evolved more than fifty times! There are 78 organs in the human body. The eye is considered part of the brain. There are two of them! Did they both evolve at the same time? Did the milllion fiber optic nerve evolve seperately twice? And then there is the visual cortex. It contains the software that performs the trignomety needed to genrate perspective. It gives all of us the ability to cross a street by estimating the distance an oncoming object is based on comparison of its up close size. Evos have no mechaniusm to evolve the sophistiicated softwre to give us 3-d vision nor take the three primary colors gathered by the cones (rgb) and blend them in a precision manner to create the over 20 million colors humans are capable of experiencing. The mind of the human does millions of multitaksing events. Imagine the logistics of feeding, oxygentation and removing the products of metabolism for 100 trillion cells. Deep in the body 300 million cells die and need to be isolated and dismatled to avoid a dead cell contaminating a living one. These cells aslo need to be replaced with approriate cells. As Mike the wiz has so often pointed out, contingency plannig requires intelligence (predictive qualities depending on the effect of cause and effect relationships).
  5. Mike Summers

    Backtracking Again?

    Goku said: Wrong, You are a believer--in the idea that you think you have god like qualities. Anyone can create a belief and then choose to believe it. We all do that! You created the idea there is no God. And I created the idea there is one. You are not going to out create me because we are equalls. Creativity is our commonalit and bottom linne! I would imagine you think anyone that differs with you is wrong. But I accept that you exist and am not agnostic about it. I do not believe you have the capacity to determine who can't exist which is why I contend you attribute to yourself qualities of the being you claim does not exist!
  6. Mike Summers

    When Evolutionists Attack

    Mike the wiz said: If I were as grandiose, selfrighteous and deceived as Goku is I would want someoone to risk my rejection to wake me up! The Bible calls says: "Faithfull are the wounds of a friend!" I love him to much to give up on him! LOL Words have the meaning we by consnsus give them! So what's the meaning you associate to the oword (code) science? Of course! I would say they abuse their creative abilities. That's exactly what I think also. If evicence is an effect then how do we get to a conclusion but take information formulate an hypothesis and then test it to see if it proves true. It seems to me evos misuse the word evidennce and confuse it with causation. They would do well to ask the question, "What caused the effect (evidence) I see before me? Instead they have prejucually decided that evo is the only possible cause. That's why I constantly refute the idea that science is an entity, sacrosanct and the exclusive domain of a bunch of self proclaimed authorites. Exactly! Amen ! Evo is not intelligence friendly!
  7. Mike Summers

    When Evolutionists Attack

    Stormanorman said: So are you saying science is a stand alone entity that can function on its own? Funny that! All scientists I know of are alive, concious human beings. Scientists are simply human beings that observe test and re-test hypotheis which when proven become theories. You've never tested the theory of gravity? I undestand your eagerness to self limit your thinking process. Fear can do that! However, I am not afraid of the supernatural as you appear to be. I THINK ABOUT WHATEVER i WANT! I will not deceive myself because you or some self appointed authoriity figures says so!
  8. Mike Summers

    When Evolutionists Attack

    Mike, No one can observe evo in action and so evos create just so stories mentally derived. The definition of a miracle is anything that comes into existence without natural causes. Other than natural causes, the only way we know that things can originate is mental causation. Moreover, we can point to numerous things that have mental origins and are therefore miracles-- including the theory of evolutttion (which has a mental origin). Despite a differnnnce of opinion between us, I wouldn't consider Goku a liar or ignorant. I do believe he wants to believe the theory of evo is possiblle! Unfortunately, he seems to want to refuse to acknowledge that the so called theory of evo (actually an unproved hypothesis) had a mental origin. And yet we all know It was created by an intelligent being! When I point out things that were created and that that makes creativity a viable method of bringing thing into existence. And so, why couldn't creativity have been used to bring the plants an animals into existnace? Goku accused me of the dreaded practice of equivocation! Thus sayeth the all knowing Goku. So, though he claims there are no all knowing beings he seems to deems himself all-knowing! LOL Moreover, Goku et al seem to support the myth that observation of the non-physical is above the realm of science! Science is our reasoning ability and not an entity. It can not have biases (it's people that do that). So, when evo's say something is beyond the realm of science, they are sadly misinformed! As the owner of a mind, I am not aware that anything is beyond my ability to think (practice science)! So. when evos say something is beyond science (our reasoning process), they are lying or are deceived! They want us to buy into their deceoption and thus self limit our thinking! I am not buying it! I give then the benefit of the doubt! Still, it probably is not a good idea for them to believe their own PR! LOL
  9. One thing I have learned from being on EFF is that you can't out create a fellow creator. The problem with evo's is that they don't acknowledge they are "creative" and so create answers to any objections to evolution as illustrated by Mike's comment about finding a bunny in the cambrian (when it is not supposed to have evolved yet). "Yes, but..." And then they go on to create a plausible answer (at least to them it is). They have accepted evolution and any form of evolution is true. Any logic refuting evolution will be ignored and met with what they deem a plausible answers. Excuxe reighn supreme! Thus evolution becomes a godThat can do no wrong! As I have told my clients on many occasions, frustration is caused by trying to do something impossible or nearly impossible. We observe what we've done and see that it doesn't live up to our expectations (and maybe never will), but we continue on as it the next time we'll do it. This of course leads to burn out. I keep myself from burning out because I expect evos to create their plausible answers. And over the years, they've never disappointed me. Their evolution baby can do anything when they use their intelligence to animate their evo puppet. The irony in all this is that Evo's are very creative and use their intelligence with no shame to is to create all kinds of "plausible" scenarios for why evo is true.
  10. Mike Summers

    Missing Transitional Intermediates

    What if said: This is what I mean when I talk about the word "evidence" not being understood. Evidence is the result of a cause. We Christians claim we are the evidence there is a God, while alleged atheists/ evolutionists claim that our existance is evidence of evolution. With that in mind, to claim there is no evidence of God does not make sense! Truly, it is the cause of our existance (evidence) that is being debated here on EFF not whether we exist (our existence is the evidence or effect of causation)!
  11. Mike Summers

    Missing Transitional Intermediates

    It would seem to me when we talk about life with the alleged atheist evo clicke, we need to remind ourselves of the fact that we distinguish between life (which has dominion over matter) and the evo belief that life came into existencee and is the effect of a chemical soup! What evo's claim is that biology caused life. But it seems evident from the Bible (at lesast to me) that one of the main characteristics of God is life. The scripture says God and life are eternal mutuals. God (life) therefore has always existed. When I look at anything displaying the characteristics of life, I notiice lots of activity, intelligence, memory. Moreover, when life leaves a cell, matter loses all activity and begins to degrade. Therefore, to describe what was going on in the cell, I coined the term, life animates matter (commonly called biology). Evos believe it's the other way arround. The materialists emphases that the only things that exist are made of mater. We as Christians believe among those things made of matter is what we call the menal state (spiritual realm). We are apprised from the bible that the physical world was created by God from the spirit realm in which He resides. Materialists don't wish to acknowledge the validity of the mental state and yet it is their primo state! Look at the room arround you. What hasn't been created by intelligent beings originating in the mental state of thought? I have asked in vain for materialist evos to give some of the physics of thoughts and life. But they seem to imply that our mental state of thought is not "real" and irrelevant! Only things of known physics are real. I find that boringly dishonest. What do they use to think and create truth--their mental state!
  12. Mike Summers

    The Question Is...

    The question is; can a random process and natural selection provide enough small steps` in the right direction needed to result in the evolution of a dinosaur to a bird? I think most of us agree that any complexity can be broken down into numerous small steps. But, as in buillding anything made up of smaller sub--assemblys, those small steps must be headed in one ditrection--a goal. In this example birdom! OK! OK! Evo is not supposed to have a goal. But what do evos parade before us--a bird (that allegedly evolved from aa dinosaur). Our minds observes the dinosaur and the bird and then our imagination fills in the steps in between. Since we have convinced oureselves that is what happened our mind creates toughts that jusify such a conclusion. Hence, another just so story is born. As a result of this setup, we imagine a bunch of small steps morphing the dinosaur to a bird! It makes sense that a bunch of small steps could do what is claimed. The thing is our creative mind imagines it that way. Consequently, we suspend disbelief as we do when we watch a fictional motion picture. But, the question remains, can a random process (an oxymoron) really provide enough steps in the same diretion in the time alloted to cause a dinosaur to evolve into a bird? We seldom wonder why no other animals have evolved from the dinosaur. Do you know of any? It appears a bird decended straight line with no forks to produce other type animals. That's the way it seems to me. What random process do we know can make anything specific?
  13. Mike Summers

    Missing Transitional Intermediates

    Goku said: Care to give an example? Mike S: I imagine you think the chemistry in the cell causes life. But I propose another hypothesis--life animates matter. In the Bible Jesus says, "I am the way, the truth and the life." The Bible nowhere says that life was created. Life was not created as God is an imortal being. He has always existed and is the claimed source of life (according to the Bible)! I'd say ATP is your magical power! LOL Creativity by definition is the ability to bring something into existence that didn't exist before the creative act. That does sound magical! Oh well! A rose by any other name will smell the same. I guess I don't think "magic" is a "bad" word! LOL
  14. Mike Summers


    Life according to God and the Bible was not designed. Rather as abiogeneis states--life only comes from life! God says He is the life giver! I agree that biology was created but not life. The Bible infers that life is a non-physical (spirit). Information does not exist without it's antecedant v=ause life. Intellligent life at that. Intelligent living beings create information. So information is caused by intelligence and can not exist outside of a mental state. All code is made of matter which is often used to represent information in the physical realm. We associate information to code. In view of the fact there are more than 5000 languages code can evoke whatever information we wish to associate to it. Nevertheless information is the same in all intelligent beings.
  15. Mike Summers

    Missing Transitional Intermediates

    What if said: Are you speaking from the chair? It's peobab;y not a good idea to believe your own PR! It's like this: How did the 26 letters of the alphatbet get arranged in the orer I find them on my screen? Your intelligence did it!

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