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  1. jason

    Atheists: Is Murder Acceptable With You?

    yes gilbo there is and the athiest logic fails on that account and idea of the two consenting adults.
  2. creationists admit that our view takes faith, the naturalists dont.
  3. jason

    Atheists: Is Murder Acceptable With You?

    because they say so. i know of some people that find cheating on their spouses acceptable and also share girlfriends. if theres ultimately no moral compass then theres no moral right. i submit this event in germany where two consenting adults agreed to a murder. one was the victim who had a fantasy of being eating by a cannibal ,and the other was a man who wanted to do just that. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/3443803.stm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armin_Meiwes note the wiki link has some vulgar words. two consenting adults so why is the german goverment charging him with a crime?
  4. jason

    Am I An Atheist?

    yup and they often lie and will tell you thiest are lying on what is true and wont look into the matter.
  5. jason

    Teaching Id / Creation Science In School

    if i may chime in since this is somewhat of an area i know about. first off the declaration of indepence is a good place to start as it stays where our rights come from and what the founders were going to do to secure them god given rights and yes the bible and the ten comandments and prayer were all in the public schools at one time. these werent forced on you but given the nature of our culture the only way we can go back to that is for most of the nation to repent and believe.
  6. jason

    Two Gospels Revisited...

    sheesh jesus is the torah incarnate and much more all that he taught from the torah and that was also the part of jermemiah 31 that was fulfilled in his death. why then does the torah have the jews do things that make the very symbol of the cross when its all about isreal. ye err the bible is about the cross and what it does not some nation of god kids
  7. jason

    Two Gospels Revisited...

    thats not what paul says and why would the cross have to be if isreal could do that command if sin is still aroung surely you realise that in the so called millenium there will be sin and well the church of today gives satan way to much credit. man does most of the sinning not the devil though he sets it up. paul would disagree as he is a jew is he not and he said the word us! one thess 5 if the same saved him and also will do this too for the gentiles(which im not) and in chapter four of the same book and the church for centuries has taught in a bodily ressurection and also paul once again claims to be with the churches that had gentiles. one corinthians and if the levites which you did just admit are the priests again and also jesus in on the earth what will be the offerings for sin? an animal or will the bible be changed and no mentioning of the new testament or just the tanach? a problem that you must answer as what is it that the hebrew will teach?
  8. jason

    Two Gospels Revisited...

    the problem for you must deal with is why was circumision used for and why did god use that and also if im not of isreal nor is paul or the apostles then is their two places of ressurection as when the saints will stay in heaven and also the jews wont. another issue must address who are the sinners in the millenium and where did they come from. i have a big problem with the millenials of today as no christian can say to me that if some sinner will reject all the calls to repent when the wrath is poured then they wont listen to jesus when its a peaceful reign. so there cant be sinners in his reason unless the futurist admit that jesus second coming is a local judgment. which its not as peter denies that. no sinner shall survive the day of wrath from the lord. he didnt spare any in flood that weren't on the ark peter compares the fiery judgment of all man to that.next, if isreal to do the law then the gentiles must be under the law then in that reign and animal sacrifices restored as if isreal is to be doing the law which you have said then the messiah didnt change the law! and the jews of today say that when the third temple is built and the messiah comes their will be any animal sacrifices and the gentile will not be allowed into the third temple. and the jews of then and today believed that the noahides would be accepted by God so that presents a problem then how will the gentiles be saved in the millenium by the torah or the seven noahide laws or by the blood. http://www.chabad.org/library/moshiach/article_cdo/aid/1122357/jewish/Resumption-of-Suspended-Mitzvot.htm http://www.chabad.org/library/moshiach/article_cdo/aid/1128725/jewish/The-Basics.htm http://www.chabad.org/library/moshiach/article_cdo/aid/1122210/jewish/Torah-Study-During-the-Messianic-Era.htm and some of that later we christians do. and you almost teach this type of judiasm to men and women here.
  9. i had to ask and i read my bible and i know where i stand and then when i found i was off then i began to relook. god in the end of it all for man says in a myriad of places that the earth will be restored. i would still find a church after prayer. why? because no human will ever know how God will work his plans. we arent meant too and any christian who says we know how god will judge man is off unless he is quoting a scripture. usually with futurism exegesis is thrown out the window. a classic example of this is that two gospel thread. that is what the man schofield taught and most churches bought into and as the years past rejected tid bits. http://www.theologue.org/CIScofield-SSizer.htm#mozTocId538636
  10. jason

    Two Gospels Revisited...

    if i may, what is the point of isreal being aroung for eternity when christ returns. ere that fall there was no hebrew nor isreal. is not the entire point of the cross if the new convenant not eternal then we have a problem as the saints will not be saved as god has lied. strong words be sure that YOU ARENT SAYING THAT.
  11. jason

    Two Gospels Revisited...

    so this hebrew is under the law?i should be kosher, and also when and if the third temple is built i should offer the appropriate sacrifices for my sin? the whole law per jermiah 31 is written in our hearts when we come to the lord.
  12. jason

    Two Gospels Revisited...

    mamaelephant pm me as someone who has spent some time into looking into judiasm i will explain what i see in private.you have quoted hosea and god going to the gentiles to do what isreal failed to do.if what teejay has says is true then this jewish poster is no longer a jew at all but a christian. but as i have stated before all christians become hebrews and jews become fullfilled. the faith and god we serve our of hebraic thought. the names and symbols all come from hebrews.jesus came to the jews first so that they would reject him as planned. god was settup isreal to fall and he knew who of isreal would come. matthew 23 says that clearly.
  13. we dont stay in heaven though. read what happens at the end of revalation where does god dwell and also what isiah says on the new heavens and earth. though most churches teach that is in the millenium. im amil or thereabouts and have all but abandoned futurism. that said paul spoke about the whole creation groaneth for redemption this means that the earth and all of creation will be restored to perfection without the curse. which is stated in revalation as well.
  14. jason

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