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  1. supramk3speed

    A Real Forum! Hello.

    Welcome, glad you found your way over here. Sounds like you will formulate a lot of interesting questions.
  2. supramk3speed

    Please Pray For My Girlfriend's Mother

    I will pray for her and her family. I will also pray for you to have guidance in these trying times. God bless.
  3. supramk3speed

    Problem I - Cratering. 1. The Moon

    If you need gilbos calculations to further your own calculations then obviously your calculations shouldn't be trusted to begin with. If you can't inject certain variables into your calculations then your calculations are completely baseless. Unless you believe the scientific method should be based on assumptions and preconceived results with no real life data to back it up.
  4. supramk3speed

    Poll: Evolutionist To Creationist And Vice Versa

    supramk3speed/ number 11. Was an atheist/agnostic for much of my younger years. My mom is atheist, my dad is a progressive Christian. Basically not a very good Christian, one who never discussed Jesus with me. And thanks to the ideology of my school I wasted years of my life as a dead inside atheist.
  5. supramk3speed

    Soft Tissues Found In Dinosaur Fossils

    What's different about todays society? We have technology but that doesn't mean we are somehow above our ancestors. The image is highly relevant to todays society, yes we don't bow to golden statues in our society but we definitely bow to the idols of today. Idols for atheists are people with titles, this being the idol for intelligence. Obviously idols come in many forms, one such example is the ever bowing nature of the cellphone obsessed.
  6. supramk3speed

    Evidence For Atheism

    ^Like^, I would sure love to hear it.
  7. supramk3speed

    Biblical Lessons On Deciding To Relocate

    I love Texas, but it's not for everyone, lol. God will guide you in the correct decision as long as you seek him.
  8. supramk3speed

    Why Be “Absolutely Relative"?

    Lol, I knew you were going to say that. Are you an agnostic or an atheist? If you are an atheist you obviously think truth is knowable, or you wouldn't have a belief. Why you ask? Well if you couldn't know the truth then why would you side with atheism? Do you just like the title? Doesn't make much sense, or is it that you will believe in anything just as long as it undercuts creation. Seems to be the case with most atheists. Funny thing is, the only evolving I see on this forum is the atheists ever evolving (or is that devolving?) beliefs to circumvent the truth any way they can.
  9. supramk3speed

    Self Professed 'bible Scholar' Claims Jesus Didn't Exist

    He is claiming the same thing that I have seen atheists claim many of times to discredit the scriptures. Just more of the same with a new cover.
  10. supramk3speed

    Atheist / Evolutionist Logical Fallacies

    The first logical fallacy that gilbo had listed I see all the time. "There is no scientific evidence for God, that means that God does not exist". What I dislike the most about this fallacy is that when you set the evidence out before them, without them having any ability to dismantle your evidence, they become enraged and no longer want to hear the evidence that they so adamantly believed did not exist.
  11. supramk3speed

    Do You Believe In Ghosts/spirits/etc?

    Lol, I thought I was the only one who thought ghosts are demons. It makes the most sense, schools where no children have died can be haunted by schoolchildren. Doesn't fit. I believe in ghosts/ spirits mostly due to personal experience and that of my families. I also find it strange that my Mom believes in ghosts/spirits yet doesn't believe in God.
  12. supramk3speed

    Q For Evolutionisists About Petrification

    These children are given the perception that these teachers are highly intelligent and what they say is not a matter of opinion but as a matter of fact. It doesn't help that when they go home to their parents who can't help them with basic math, yet want to teach them God is truth which flies in the face of what they are taught at school. Who would you believe in that situation? The teacher who teaches you things your parents can't even begin to grasp, or the parent who can't even help you with your 5th grade math? Some teachers are taking advantage of this situation, they can teach whatever they want and label it as fact without any resistance.
  13. supramk3speed


    Dont worry, flame wars will only result in someone being banned.
  14. supramk3speed

    If Adam And Eve Didnt Sin

    God is not limited, he could have created more space for us if he needed too. So this is no big deal.
  15. supramk3speed

    "the Bible Is Full Of Contradictions"

    Your right, they want to disobey God and reject his authority. To disobey God is to obey evil. I find it funny that athiests say that God "wants" evil, yet the bible shows us that to obey peace and love is to obey God. So to say God wants evil is to essentially say that God wants disobedience, although God shows us through out the bible that he wants us to choose the path of obedience. God is powerfull, we are weak, the fact that God lets us have true freewill just shows how much stronger he is than us. He hurts when we hurt, yet he is able to take the pain and contain himself to let us have true freewill. Your disobedience is your choice, God will not make that choice for you.

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