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  1. Stripe

    The Great Syncytin Challenge To Intelligent Design

    It is far more reasonable to believe that all ERVs once had purpose rather than to believe some accidentally gained purpose. It is, after all, impossible to gain purpose apart from a designer.
  2. Stripe

    Things Evolution Can't Evolve?

    What's the difference between a living and a non-living thing?
  3. You should read the book. It can answer your questions much better than I.
  4. Salt precipitated out of the subterranean waters as it escaped from beneath the crust and expanded and cooled. There's no other way to form salt deposits so pure other than to have it all quickly dumped.
  5. I can't answer all your questions. Here is the graphic you asked for: Source.
  6. Movement of plates: Plates don't move by sliding, they move by shifting. A minor distinction on paper, but a major shift in perspective in theory. A sliding plate conjures up the idea that there is a steady force acting to move plates. Shifting is what we actually see. Every time there is an earthquake, we find that the continents are shifted by a small degree. We should not be taking those measurements and averaging them out to give continents a movement rate for that completely disguises the truth. In fact, plate movement is a result of one thing. Plate Tectonic theory (PT) has a few mechanisms that are differently mooted as the driving force. The Hydroplate Theory (HT) has just one. PT sometimes talks about a pushing force from the mid ocean ridge. It sometimes talks about a pulling force from the down-going slab. It sometimes talks about a blanket force as the mantle convects beneath a plate. HT relies upon just one explanation. That explanation is gravity. Gravity is the driving force behind all seismic activity and all movement of land masses. Immediately should come the question, how can gravity make a continent slide? The answer was easy, the explanation a little less obvious. The Earth is round. It is round because of gravity. Where the Earth is not round to a significant degree, gravity acts to force it back to a more spherical shape.When the flood began, it tore large sections of the crust and deposited them on the continents thus making a significantly non-spherical Earth. Seismic activity we feel today is the Earth settling back into a more spherical shape. Looking at the GPS data, one can see that movement trends toward the largest hole in the Earth's crust, namely the Pacific Basin. Filling in this void would do the most to increase Earth's sphericity.
  7. Stripe

    A Fairy Tale?

    It was. But it starred another David.
  8. Stripe

    Evo-Athists- Flaws In Evo-Logic?

    Well, evolution uses the idea. They just deny that any intelligence is used in the selection process.
  9. Stripe

    Ancient Man

    Unless it was fossilised, there's virtually no chance that anything has survived in a recognisable form from pre-flood times.
  10. Stripe

    Evo-Athists- Flaws In Evo-Logic?

    Exactly. The obvious problem for those that would hold this use up as evidence for evolution is that selection is for a determined result. That and the fact that a successful and useful model is not evidence for reality. Nonetheless, the evolutionary idea "selection of most fit" does have this use.
  11. Stripe

    Post-Flood Migration

    Three things: Sea level was lower than today soon after the flood. Continents were higher than today soon after the flood. Placental mammals probably displaced marsupials, thus marsupials migrated ahead of placentals and reached Australia before relative sea level cut off access to placentals.
  12. Stripe

    Evo-Athists- Flaws In Evo-Logic?

    Some design processes use a selection method that is superficially like evolution. Sometimes, in order to find the right solution, it is more efficient to mass produce a lot of prototypes and to pick the best performing of them.
  13. Guys, if you want to debate an issue, find a thread and do it rationally. Arguing about who left when and didn't say what is really boring.
  14. Stripe

    Experimentation Versus Observation

    The theory of evolution is a case of historical science. There are experiments one can do to test elements and predictions of the theory, but in order to determine the veracity of evolution, it must be assessed as history. Because evolution cannot be repeated in order to show the change from (say) dinosaur to bird, the evidence for that claim rely upon the presupposition of evolution. Now presupposition isn't a bad thing, as long as the presupposition is always declared. Where evolutionists tend to fall down is that they insist there is no assumption and that there are no other possibilities. So when we see an experiment, be it bacterial adaptation or genetic studies, the theory of evolution is treated like a fact and the terminology used insulates any investigation (internal or challenging) from considering alternative explanations for the results we find. I don't mind evolution being held as an explanation when the proponent is willing to consider other explanations for experimental results we can achieve without insisting that evolutionary terms are the ones that have to be used.
  15. Stripe

    What I Have Learned From Evolution

    No. But you might want to phrase your quibbles in context. Nothing you said addressed the concepts outlined by the OP. On LOR we played by your rules. Here we play by ours. Show some respect, please.

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