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  1. TheBibleSender

    In Such An Hour: Film I Am Working On

    This is a group I made for a movie I am working on. It will have a pretrib view. So if you are interested in helping support it please like the page. https://www.facebook.com/InSuchAnHour
  2. TheBibleSender

    New Video I Am Working On

    Well here is what I have so far. It is based of a tract I wrote. So basically what I have now is what I have in the tract. So I will be adding more relevant scripture and hopefully trying to add some arguments. Although I might just do this one and then do another one that is more in depth http://www.onetruemedia.com/shared?p=1000a27b7cdcbb771004fdc&skin_id=601&utm_source=otm&utm_medium=text_url.
  3. TheBibleSender

    List Of Strong And Weak Arguments Against Evolution

    That would be good. I am trying to come up with some strong ones to add to my video I am working on
  4. True I have always said that. I don't believe in santa. You don't see me going around the country debating his existence. He is not real therefor not worth my time. Atheists know there is a God but hate him. They therefore try to convince themselves and others he does not exist. Hey atheists. If there is no God get on with your life find something better to do with the little time you have in this life before your body becomes worm food
  5. TheBibleSender

    New Video I Am Working On

    I am working on a new video tract about evolution Please pray for this project. God bless.
  6. TheBibleSender

    Free Gospel Tracts

    We have some free tracts available. We offer them Free as the Lord provides. So if we have them in stock we will send them out to you. We currently have the 2012 tract and In 100 Years tract In stock. I am also working on a evolution one but have not decided on a cover. Perhaps I will post a few of the covers I have made later. Anyway here is the link. http://afterdeathwhat.com/tracts.htm Also the description says that the tracts are business card sized but they are actually bigger that that. The are around 3.25 x 4.5
  7. TheBibleSender

    Update To Posting Youtube Videos On This Forum.

    I put a link to a video in my sig is there anyway to get it to just show the link? I don't want to jam up your board with a video every time I post.
  8. TheBibleSender

    Hello From Minnesota

    Hello My name is Ryan I am married with 5 kids. Glad to be a member of the board. I am director of two ministries. Bible Senders ande After Death What? God bless.
  9. TheBibleSender

    Playing Video Games Evangelize

    I play some games on Facebook just to add friends. I try to post things on my while everyday. I have done several DVD tracts that I have uploaded to Youtube that I have gotten some responses from. I even did one on the 2012 End times hype.

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