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  1. Gott allein zur Ehre

    My First Proper(?) Attempt At Apologetics

    I ask for your prayers that the Lord provide me with the wisdom and confidence in this. I've been spending the last few weeks reading up on CMI's articles (ever since hearing about them from the Superconference 2012 thread), and I feel that now would be a good time to start applying what I've read. Lord knows I've spent several afternoons and/or nights going through several dozen of their articles and/or discussions gobbling up all this information with a certain.... God forbid, gluttony? I decided to start "soft" on myself, with a Theistic Evolutionist friend of mine from way back. We've agreed to something of a correspondence debate via Facebook. To the best of my knowledge, he's recently finished a degree in theology (I think) and is from an Anglican subset that focuses on reasoning, or... well I can't remember the exact details (will have to look that up later on). I'm concerned for him, mainly because he's a friend, and because I know that Compromising is the first step down a slippery slope (as in the case of Charles Templeton). Quoting his stand: (Emphasis added by me) That one line... it... unnerves and shakes me. I don't know why, but it sent chills up my spine when I read it. In retrospect, this will prove to be a challenge, given his specific degree, and, well, I don't even have any kind of degree at all to speak of. Even the Apostle Paul was a very well-studied man, one of the top young Pharisees at the time and such. Not to say that the other Apostles didn't do their share, but I suppose, to be honest, I'm... just real nervous about this decision. I know that the Holy Spirit will provide me with the strength and wisdom if I pray. And I believe that the Holy Spirit is convicting me to seek advice from people who already have experience with apologeticising(sp?). It only makes sense. After all, early believers studied for two whole years in the school of Tyrannus under the Apostle Paul before going out into the world. Wisdom from the Holy Spirit through the advice of brethren who have trodden down this path before me couldn't hurt at all. Could it? So, all these taken into account, how can I approach him, exactly? How do I help the Holy Spirit bring a lost and confused Theistic Evolutionist to the glorious truth of Creation? He believes there is no conflict between God and Evolution, but we all know this is, to put it bluntly, just silly. Even Richard Dawkins pokes fun at compromisers for not getting this fact. As I stated when I first joined this site, I've been scarred by previous failed attempts at apologetics that flew badly in my face. So this is very much an emotional issue to me. Also, I apologise if this post seems kinda disjointed. It's past 11PM where I live. Bless you all, and praise the Lord!
  2. Gott allein zur Ehre

    Creation Superconference 2012

    Going through the 2011 videos very slowly. My horrendous internet connection only reaches peak dl speeds between midnight and 8AM and I can only leave a few to download overnight without risking timeouts. But this is incredible stuff! I've taken a particular liking to Dr. Silvestru's ID talk, and hope to get my hands on some resources about Information Science (is that what it's called?). Praying that they'll put this year's stuff up on archive again.
  3. Gott allein zur Ehre

    I Used To Watch Tbn, Until I Read This

    This is a very shameful thing... What I see as just as destructive is that it disillusions many and causes them to turn the wrong way. I mean, I knew several of them didn't have their word on straight, but I didn't think it would be this bad. I watched Charles Stanley's whenever our Bible Studies were for some reason cancelled for the Sunday. Now I guess I have to move on to a 'substitute' with real substance. I'm glad the Lord brought me to this place.
  4. Gott allein zur Ehre

    I Used To Watch Tbn, Until I Read This

    It's a relatively old article by John MacArthur. http://www.gty.org/resources/articles/a391 I had no idea that things were like this until I read it. I'm just shocked. Sorry if the post is short... I have to go to a Bible Study now. >.<
  5. Gott allein zur Ehre

    "the Bible Is Full Of Contradictions"

    Wow. I didn't expect so many replies in such a short time. This really says something about it... Up until now I didn't really get some solid facts on the original canon, but... wow. Thank you very much!
  6. Gott allein zur Ehre

    "the Bible Is Full Of Contradictions"

    First of all, I apologise if this was posted in the wrong forum. I understand that there is a Bible Q&A forum up there, but I've told myself to stay out of the debate section until I have enough confidence to start debating. If this is inappropriate for this area, please, by all means, move it to the correct one. I've been studying the Bible using hermenutic methods taught at the Dallas Theological Seminary, through the Dispensationalist lens, for maybe over 13 years now, I think, and I've seen just how the title of this thread is so untrue. From Genesis to Revelation, written over a span of over a thousand years, by dozens of different authors, it is the completely and perfectly self-consistent Spirit-inspired Word of God. And yet one of the things I keep hearing about is "the Bible is full of contradictions", by people who obviously have no reason, nor motivation to study it as in-depth as I have. Occasionally even by some people who have intensely studied it, albeit unguided. Is there a way or method, for me to rebut this without having to counter each of the many, many examples of apparent contradictions they might throw at me? Something quicker and more efficient? Thanks again, and God Bless you all.
  7. Gott allein zur Ehre


    I'm studying German, albeit at an admittedly slow pace. I guess it's about budgeting my time, and I pray I'll be able to get with that soon. Thanks for the tip. I'll check it out when I can. God Bless you all.
  8. Gott allein zur Ehre


    Thanks for the welcome, everybody. I forgot to say, I won't be participating in CvE debates as of yet... Still have to recover from the pain and all. But I'll definitely be reading through your threads. Also, ikester, all this stuff is incredible! Wow... so much to digest. I guess the Spirit really was pointing me here. God Bless you all.
  9. Gott allein zur Ehre


    Where I come from, that roughly literally translates to "live", but also serves as a greeting. I've spent more than half of my life growing in Christ in a small House Church (we wish to emulate the original methods used by the Apostles) that broke off from a larger Pentecostal congregation once our small group's doctrines grew too far removed from them. Our methods employ hermeneutics as studied by our teachers under a DTS graduate, and I guess all I have to say is we've been doing it like the Bereans for a really long time. I think the best word to describe me is 'sheltered'. As an Evangelical Dispensationalist with a solid belief in the Pre-Millennial, Pre-Tribulational eschatology, I always figured that I was part of maybe one of the smallest groups I know, and judging from what I've been reading online, one of the most persecuted. I am both comforted, knowing that this self-categorisation of mine has the greatest trial of suffering in the Lord's name, and saddened that I am performing badly in these trials. After several incidents over the past seven years where my attempted defence of the Faith has been soundly and painfully crushed by evolutionists, I've become extremely frustrated that I could not properly voice out myself, and came to the conclusion that while I had grown to a meaningful degree in day-to-day living, there was still so very much I could learn. I started doing my research and found a good online book, the Genesis Chronicle, and from there, I followed a long trail of references until I finally decided that I would not be able to build a cohesive defence on my own. I needed guidance. Thus, I googled for Creationist fora, and found this site after some digging, Praise the Lord. I'm here to learn how to properly defend my Faith against the lie that is evolution, and to learn any and all tactics that can be used concern the subject of defence. I'm... also here to seek comfort to help rebuild my shattered confidence. The mere sight of one-sided anti-creationist debate nauseates me, and the latest incident has left me so scarred that it's been haunting me for the past few days, even in my dreams. Perhaps this pain is the Spirit telling me to equip myself so that I can do better next time. Lord only knows what it truly means, but it is my conviction that this is what is being said. I pray that the Spirit will guide me through this phase in my life.

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