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  1. Jesse

    What If The Earth Were Old?

    So because you observe small changes within dogs today, you assume they evolved from some goo millions of years ago?
  2. Jesse

    What If The Earth Were Old?

    I will rephrase my original statement. When you observe a dog produce anything but a dog, let me know. Your next step... "But, evolution takes a long time, millllions of years, we will be dead by the time a dog produces a "non" dog."
  3. Jesse

    What If The Earth Were Old?

    You beat me to it... Evolutionist take microevolution, and then say its proof that the others occurred. You have only observed microevolution. You take it on faith that the other five happened. When you observe one species evolve into another, let me know.
  4. Jesse

    What If The Earth Were Old?

    It would hurt my faith because the Bible clearly teaches a young earth. (Biblical genealogies) By accepting evolution, you believe in something that has never been observed. I would call that faith.
  5. Jesse

    What If The Earth Were Old?

    To answer your question, no, it wouldn't destroy my faith, it would hurt it though. But since you lack that magical proof showing the Earth is billions of years old, I have nothing to worry about. What if you found out with 100% certainty that the Earth is less then 10,000 years old? Would you still believe in evolution? Would it destroy your faith in that belief?
  6. I agree. I thought the same when I watched Prometheus. *sigh* I guess they are going to try even harder to find alien life...
  7. Jesse

    Atheists: Is Murder Acceptable With You?

    Good question. I hope we get some replies.
  8. Jesse

    Playing Video Games Evangelize

    Its very hard, considering multitasking is not one of my strong suits. But I'm getting better. The number of people that blindly defend evolution on xbox live is astonishing. I prefer when its 1 on 1, so they don't gang up and completely dismiss everything I say.
  9. Jesse

    South Korea Bans Evolution

    Very nice.
  10. What do evolutionist think about this? It just happened by "chance" like everything else?
  11. Jesse

    Scale Of The Universe?

    I could spend all day looking at that.
  12. Very true, I have a Bible with side notes that contain archaeological information that correlates with historical records and ancient cities. (got it for my 19th birthday)
  13. Most of the Atheists I encounter never take any of my evidence seriously, and ALWAYS bring up the flying spaghetti monster.
  14. He knew he was going to be banned, so his "prediction" wasn't all that impressive.
  15. Good debate, I could tell they were getting offended 10 minutes in.

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