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  1. Remnant of The Abyss

    Where Is Your Evidence?

    The entire Institute for Creation Research is the best! Cheers!
  2. Remnant of The Abyss

    Where Is Your Evidence?

    Speaking of the Grand Canyon, here's a good video which compares the rapidly laid down sediments from the Mt. Saint Helen's eruption to the supposed millions of years of sediment of the Grand Canyon. It's evidence for a young Grand Canyon: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flrhqjN5BHo
  3. Remnant of The Abyss

    Here's Hoping...

    Yes, welcome Alex! As Ron made it abundantly clear, we sport a shark as our forum mascot for a reason.
  4. Remnant of The Abyss

    Is The Mormon Church Christian?

    TeeJay my friend, I was raised Italian-Catholic, so although I'm not trying to trump your Irish-Catholic, I think you know what I'm saying. Why did WE never see a Bible in church? Why did WE never hear that we were saved by grace and not by works? I can only conclude one thing. The Catholic church herself knows about these truths, yet doesn't emphasize it for a reason. The reason being money and survival of the Catholic church itself. For with the knowledge of being saved by grace, and grace alone, one does not need to attend mass and give money, do they? One does not need to pay for indulgences, do they? One does not need a mass for a loved one that has just died, to "pray them out of purgatory" do they? Purgatory itself is a made up scheme in my opinion, just to bring in the $$$. Now, I may be wrong about all of this. But nobody will convince me that it doesn't make perfect sense to at least suspect these things. So. The big question you may be wondering. Why did ROTA post "Raised Catholic" for all to see? Well, to show that I don't have a problem with Catholics, per se. Not even the Catholic church so much any more. When I first got saved I hated the church for concealing the full Gospel message from me. But I've outgrown that. The Catholic church is indeed Christian, and even though she is not perfect, she still does good works in the name of Christ. And people still get saved in the church. So I can actually attend a Catholic mass once in a while and enjoy it for what it is. But I still roll my eyes, in my mind's eye, when I see certain things that the church does, says, and does not do. Anything that conflicts with the Bible. Yet I feel no more animosity. There are real enemies of the Christian church. Mormonism for example! I love these words you've written brother! It is like getting my back scratched (but by a beautiful woman, not you, LOL). The issue I have with geode is that he not only polluted this forum with his concealment and equivocations, he does the same on other boards. But only worse. He trolls Christians on IMDb and takes the side of the God-haters, EVERY time. See the posts above. He hates Christians and Christianity. Yet this cult he belongs to, this anathema to God called Mormonism, survives because of lies, deceit, and brainwashing. And that's how some of it's ex-members are; they remain brainwashed liars. But not all remain that way. I knew an ex-Mormon personally at my old church. She PREACHED AGAINST it in the church! She was truly out. Yet here we have this blatant example of this Mormon apologist who has lied and continues to lie about his allegiance. Whether or not he is a practicing Mormon or not is moot. His constant defense of Mormonism is the proof in the pudding. The proof he cannot back away from, because words have consequences and his words in defense of Mormonism, over the YEARS, will stand as testimony to his true nature.
  5. Remnant of The Abyss

    Is The Mormon Church Christian?

    And also for the record, geode graduated from BYU, Brigham Young University, the Mormon university, the same one that turns out scores of Mormon missionaries every year.
  6. Remnant of The Abyss

    I Am New Here

    The thing is, whenever he's been told this, that he defends Mormonism, he denies it, then calls the person who made this observation about him a "liar". He's once again trolling me on IMDb, embracing the God-haters there in his discussions with them about how "un-Christian" this forum and me specifically are for "lying" about him regarding his Mormonism. But the fact remains, he does indeed defend Mormonism and has since 2005. I've got screen shots of his posts to prove it. Even on this forum he defended Mormonism yet claimed he wasn't. And he has the audacity to claim that everybody else is lying about him. It's the old "Don't believe what your eyes are seeing, believe me instead." attempt to persuade. I suppose I wouldn't expect any less confusion and intentional falsehoods from someone who is still very much steeped in a cult, even though they claim they've "left it". If in fact one has left a cult, the proof is in the pudding. They bad mouth the cult. Or they SHUT UP about it's "good" points. Geode has not once, ever, bad mouthed Mormonism. Nor has he ever shut up about it (that's why we're having this discussion). Furthermore, right on this very forum, he was challenged to RENOUNCE Mormonism, but never did renounce it, then told everyone he did, using his skillful equivocation, in yet another of his favorite tools of deceptive "Don't believe what your eyes are seeing, believe me instead." Like I said, I wouldn't expect any less from a member of this cult called Mormonism. He'll be reading this since he's very much aware of this thread and is discussing it on IMDb with his God-hating friends that he's made there (no other Christians will have anything to do with him). And I just want you to know geode that I believe you are incorrigible. Only God can save your soul. You must accept Jesus Christ of THE BIBLE as your Lord and Savior, NOT the Mormon jesus!!! Alas, I don't see much hope for you.
  7. Remnant of The Abyss

    Bible Prophecy.

    Sigh. Will the childish games of the childish atheists ever cease?
  8. Remnant of The Abyss

    New Guy!

    Excellent! Welcome aboard! As a Christian, you'll have a LOT less of this and a LOT more of this here!
  9. Remnant of The Abyss

    Hi Everyone

    Welcome aboard!
  10. Remnant of The Abyss

    Evolution: A Theory In Crisis

  11. Remnant of The Abyss

    We Are Called To Love, Not "like" Unbelievers

    Update (warning: contains some vile information): Last week on the IMDb forums a member who spends many, many hours on the "Religious" board trolling Christians and badmouthing God/The Bible/Christianity decided to troll "The Passion of the Christ" Forum and posted a particularly disgusting and vile thread. She made a thread stating that Christ was ejected (she used a different, vulgar word) from the Virgin Mary's behind (she used a different, vulgar word). Then she taunted Christians by stating "Why don't you just admit it's true?" So, in a discussion with another Christian there, I was speaking in a general sense about "not casting pearls before swine". Well, this woman got all indignant over that comment and played the old "trump cards". She demanded answers to Why don't you *LOVE* us? and Why are you so *HATEFUL*??? These are the same perceived trump cards that I've discussed here. Remember, this is the SAME woman who started that disgusting thread just last week. The thing is, unbelievers like this who object to Christians having the moral upper hand only go to prove, time and again, how incredibly lost they are and how desperately in need of God they really are. And while Perry summed this all up nicely about it being "difficult to witness online", unfortunately it's one of the few tools some of us have at our disposal at the moment.
  12. Remnant of The Abyss

    Hi Folks

    Hi and welcome to the Forum.
  13. Remnant of The Abyss

    In The News: Xna (Synthetic Dna)

    Rational thinking eludes the evolutionist.
  14. Remnant of The Abyss

    I Used To Watch Tbn, Until I Read This

    Yes, it's despicable. Peter Popoff was caught with an earpiece. Someone was telling him the persons affliction so when they went on stage Popoff would make it seem like he had a word from God. Benny Hinn is another charlatan. The list goes on. Unfortunately, some folks are taken in by these wolves in sheep's clothing because they have a need to believe. But they are false teachers and God will deal with them most severely, so they can take in this life but they will have to answer for it when they meet their maker. Woe to them.
  15. Remnant of The Abyss

    A World Without Evolution: The Repercussions

    On the subject of birds, many evolutionists believe that dinosaurs evolved into birds. http://www.pbs.org/l...irds/evolution/ I'm curious if you, being a theistic evolutionist, believe this?

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