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  1. Hi folks, First off apologies for not being here as often as I'd like. I retired (finally!) from the Air Force on Feb 9th. I moved from New Jersey and have relocated to beautiful San Antonio. We are getting settled in and used to the Texas way of life. So far, it's outstanding!! So I have a friend I was stationed with on Facebook and he's a very hardcore atheist. He often posts about atheism, the bible and how stupid it is, etc. I made a comment to his thread (nothing harsh of course) with a link to www.creation.com and a few other things and this was his response: To my fellow Christians...how would you respond to this? Thanks all and God bless, hope to be more active soon.
  2. Your deep thought of the day (see photo). Merry Christmas to everyone and God Bless! Jason --Edit-- Forgot the photo!
  3. usafjay1976

    The Scientific Method Vs The Engineering Method

    Hi everyone, It's been a long time and I've been extremely busy lately. I retire from the Air Force on 9 Feb so I've been running around like a mad man! My family and I will be moving to San Antonio to live the good ol' Texan life... can't wait! Anyway, here is a question.. I hear that the fossil record is the best 'proof' of evolution... so, by using the scientific method, please tell me the experiment that was conducted to show the relationship between fossils. In other words, if fossil 'B' evolved from fossil 'A', is there an experiment to show this is indeed what occurred? Or is this just an assumption because they look similar, so ergo, evolution?
  4. usafjay1976

    The Scientific Method Vs The Engineering Method

    I'm interested in your ' do research' portion of the above, Fjuri. Right there, in your "1920's theoretical model of chemical evolution", statement, you are ASSUMING evolution was the cause, so of course, your experiment is going to be biased and favor evolution. We have never seen life arise from non-life. We HAVE seen/witnessed observed countless instances of life giving birth to life, however. Now, can you use the scientific method and show the experiment to support the "1920's theoretical model of chemical evolution"?
  5. usafjay1976

    Theistic Evolution

    Bolded a portion of your statement, Piasan. Genesis 26: 4 I will make your descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky and will give them all these lands, and through your offspring all nations on earth will be blessed, Genesis 15: 5 He took him outside and said, "Look up at the sky and count the stars--if indeed you can count them." Then he said to him, "So shall your offspring be." Droppin' the mike...walking off stage... But seriously, what do those two verses say to you regarding the bolded portion of your statement?
  6. Why would God use something like evolution, the exact opposite of creation, to create? I think it's safe to say that most atheists in the world believe in evolution. How do Theistic Evolutionists think arguing against the bible is bringing non-believers to Christ? How do you think these discussions are viewed from non believers when they see Theistic evolutionists argue creationist points of view? I don't know for sure, but I think it's viewed as, "Christians are weak, they can't even agree on their beliefs" or something to that extent. Yet when you argue for evolution, you are arguing for the same thing the atheists claim. Your main difference? Your starting point: God. But that's hardly ever mentioned in topics, it's mainly how the bible is wrong, science says this and that, etc. We should not be arguing for science. We should be arguing for God. Atheists and Theistic Evolutionists appear to have almost the same beliefs, to an extent. Evolutionists: Billions of years ago, big bang... evolution Theistic Evolutionists: Billions of years ago, God, big bang... evolution. From another thread, if we just billions of years of evolved space junk, then why would God care about us (humans?) What would make us more special then a fly? A dog? An elephant? Did Christ die for just humans? Did he die for monkeys and slugs as well? If theistic evolution is true, then what makes humans special? We will never know everything, science (nor scientist) will never be all knowing. A scientific (atheistic) approach will generally always use evolution as the cause and explain away God. I realize theistic evolutionists believe in the science of things. But remember, science primarily teaches evolution which generally implies No God (i.e. big bang), This is NOT the way to come to know Christ.
  7. usafjay1976

    Theistic Evolution

    What about my statement of Please tell me how this statement supports a length of time other than a standard 24 hour day. Why is it so difficult to understand the author's intention was a 24 hour day. My quoted statement supports that. I'm asking you to read Genesis with OPEN eyes. Now all this being said, I will state that there are parts of the Bible that can be confusing. "Let scripture interpret scripture", right? That being said, there are plenty of parts that are clear as *ahem* day!
  8. usafjay1976

    Theistic Evolution

    No problem at all. So let's clear things up. Genesis 1 discusses creation. It speaks of the 6 day creation event. Genesis 2, vs. 1 and 2 discuss the 7th day - God blessed it, made it holy, etc.. So the 6 days were 'periods of time' (or not literal 24 hour days) but the 7th day was? How do you justify that? Back to Genesis 1... after each 'day' statement, each statement concludes with 'And there was evening, and there was morning... the X day'. So was evening and morning billions of years? Put away your evolutionary/atheistic views for a moment. Did the author of Genesis write Genesis 1 to mean literal days or a periods of time? If you say period of time, please justify it with scripture. If you would like to discuss other uses of the word day in scripture, I suggest a new topic.
  9. usafjay1976

    Junk Dna Myth- So Where Is The Junk?

    And this one: http://io9.com/what-extraordinarily-weird-things-are-locked-up-in-your-1717429844 The end of the article sums up with: It May Not Entirely Be Junk In fact, some scientists now think that junk isn’t really junk. They note that what separates rhesus macaques from apes seems to be long sequences of “junk” DNA. The same goes for what separates chimpanzees from humans. These junk sequences could amplify the expression of certain genes, and that expression, not the genes themselves, could have taken us from macaques to humans. Alternately, there’s a hypothesis that junk DNA acts as insulation. A lean genome means that if some horrible bit of radiation rips through a chromosome, it is likely to hit something crucial. If over ninety percent of what is in a chromosome is junk, there’s far less need to worry about mutations in the long strings of crap around the few important genes. So perhaps, sometime soon, we’ll be learning that this entire article was about a fictional concept. Perhaps there is no such thing as junk DNA.
  10. usafjay1976

    Junk Dna Myth- So Where Is The Junk?

    Found this on junk DNA: http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/hidden-treasures-in-junk-dna/ From the article: Should we be retiring the phrase “junk DNA” now? Yes, I really think this phrase does need to be totally expunged from the lexicon. It was a slightly throwaway phrase to describe very interesting phenomena that were discovered in the 1970s. I am now convinced that it’s just not a very useful way of describing what’s going on.
  11. usafjay1976

    Theistic Evolution

    When the bible talks about resting on the Sabbath day, the 7th day, what does that mean? Is that a literal day? You say at the end, "...this need not effect the veracity of the rest of the text". How do we choose what to take as metaphor? As literal? As far as genealogies, that has been addressed: http://www.bibleistrue.com/qna/qna85.htm As the above states , "For the skeptics who claim that the two genealogies are contradictory, making one or both to be fraudulent, the weight of history is against them. Both the gospel of Luke and Matthew circulated from the early days of the church and were accepted as being true without any hint to the contrary. In fact, during those early days of circulation, no evidence of contradiction was brought forth. And if, as some claim, the early church was manufacturing or changing Scriptures for its own purposes, don't you think that they would have harmonized the two if they were considered contradictory? End Note 2 Again, the evidence of many early manuscripts and fragments is that both genealogies are accurate transmissions of the facts as recorded. What we're left with are two gospels, with two different perspectives, and a shared goal of revealing the truth of God."
  12. usafjay1976

    Theistic Evolution

    Let's not forget in Genesis 1:5 it states, "and there was evening, and there was morning, the first day".
  13. usafjay1976

    Snake With Legs ..

    LoL...not laughing at you nnjamerson. Promise. Hoping Bonedigger will chime in.
  14. usafjay1976

    Millions Of Green River Annual Varves

    Your hypothesis is that the formations are millions of years old. What experiment has been used to support this hypothesis? I asked the same thing in my "what does a transitional fossil look like" thread. No answers yet.
  15. usafjay1976

    New Member

    I'm helping her navigate the forums as we speak. Thanks for your help!

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