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  1. revelation

    Atheists: Is Murder Acceptable With You?

    Actually you didn't dismantle my argument you proved it. The point I was making was that many many people have claimed to be Christians but are willing to kill. I'm not talking about the odd mass murderer but the thousands of 'christians' who fought and killed fellow 'christians' in e.g. WW1 WW2
  2. Two points 1) You really have a problem with Witnesses don't you. 2) The word mediator is used in the Bible to mean different things.
  3. revelation

    The Bible And The Age Of The Earth.

    I've read the links you suggested. Just a couple of questions: 1) Why is it assumed here that if you don't accept a young earth you must accept humans have been around for millions of years? Obviously anyone who believes in creation must reject c14 dating, etc. But that doesn't prove the earth is young. 2) Why is it 'clear' that the Bible says the creative days are 24 hrs but the Bible clearly says the 7th day is thousands of years long? I have to be honest mate, I've read nothing that changes my view: The earth's age is unknown. The wording of Genesis (in the original Hebrew) allows for this. A liitle research shows that many Hebrew scholars view the first verse as a statement to mankind that it was God who created everything. The age of the universe is unknown. Mankind was created 6,000 years ago.
  4. revelation

    The Bible And The Age Of The Earth.

    I'm sorry mate - have you actually read what I've written...
  5. revelation

    Atheists: Is Murder Acceptable With You?

    An evolutionist / atheist could spin that arguement on its head and claim as the majority of wars have been fought between people who believed in a 'god' then god has had no effect on his followers, so maybe there's no god. As a Christian that's not my view but I will admit that there has been a lot of Christians who have not obeyed Jesus command not to take up the sword.
  6. revelation

    The Bible And The Age Of The Earth.

    Brilliant stuff! Would you agree - by proving that dating methods used by evolutionists are wrong doesn't prove that the earth is young?
  7. revelation

    The Bible And The Age Of The Earth.

    I accept totally the massive flaws in C14 - but how does that prove a young earth?
  8. revelation

    The Bible And The Age Of The Earth.

    Interesting - where can i read about this?
  9. revelation

    The Bible And The Age Of The Earth.

    Genesis opens with the statement ‘In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.’ Many Bible scholars agree this verse describes an action separate from the creative days. Thus the Bible does not state the age of the earth. As for the length of each ‘creative day’ the Hebrew word translated ‘day’ can mean various lengths of time. At Genesis 2:4 Moses refers to all six creative days as one day. Also, on the first creative day God called light Day and the darkness night – only a portion of the period was called Day. There is no indication that the ‘creative days’ were 24 hours long.
  10. revelation

    The Bible And The Age Of The Earth.

    Both, because you can't have theology without science - The Creator is the greatest scientist. But I'm really interested in the Genesis account and the age of the earth.
  11. revelation

    The Bible And The Age Of The Earth.

    I'm really not happy with the 6,000 year old earth idea. I'm a Christian and I believe in creation 100%. I accept true science 100% as well. Clearly, science shows that the earth is older than 6,000 years and the Bible doesn't contradict this view. The wording in Genesis allows for a much older earth.
  12. Can any of the 'new earth' members explain why they believe that the earth is only 6 - 10 thousand years old?

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