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    I've been debating Creationism on Christian Forums for years, I pop in here once in a while to look around. I'm a ministry student and I'm testing the water to see what the discussion on here is like. Grace and peace, Mark
  2. Hello everyone, my name is Mark Kennedy, I've been a regular on Christian Forums for years. I'm a Pastoral Ministry student majoring in Bible and Theology at the Nazarene Bible College in Colorado Springs. I am in most respects a Creationist except that all the Genesis account is telling us about the creation of the 'heavens and the earth' is that it was, 'in the beginning'. Don't get me wrong, I take Genesis 1 literally and the creation of life (Gen. 1:21) and Adam (Gen. 1:25) was about 6,000 years ago. I'm not opposed to Young Earth Creationism, I just feel strongly that a sound exegesis of the text will not give you a definite creation at the same time as Creation week. The sun, moon and stars were created before Creation week started, perhaps immediately following the original creation in Genesis 1:1, perhaps billions of years previously. I'm interested in an open discussion regarding an exposition of the text and perhaps some of the dating techniiques. Grace and peace, Mark
  3. Hello, I'm a Creationist based on the clear testimony of Genesis 1 and the New Testament witness. I have studied comparative genomics and the comparisons of the Chimpanzee and Human Genomes. I have a special interest in the effects of mutations on highly conserved genes involved in the human brain as it relates to the Darwinian premise of common ancestry. That's a bit general but I would say that mutations plus natural selection will not get you a human brain evolved from that of an ape. The protein coding genes are also crucial to consider and the differences between the ones in the human and chimpanzee genomes are considerable to say the least. All due respect to your math teacher, in the evolution vs. creation debate, the most important statistic is the mutation rate and molecular mechanisms for chimpanzee/human common ancestry to be remotely possible, let alone demonstrative. Grace and peace, Mark

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