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  1. PStryder

    If Evolution Is Not A Random Process...

    BECAUSE EVOLUTION IS TRUE. You don't have to believe it, but not believing it or demanding evidence (you won't accept) doesn't make it less true. Wait, didn't I explicitly say I didn't know the exact specific answer you want? Didn't I tell you to ask someone who studies the evolution of the penguin? OH WAIT, I DID. Again, I'm not the one who claims to have an invisible friend.
  2. PStryder

    Pstryder Thread

    Huh? He hasn't given me one. You won't agree with my understanding of the Christian God. For instance, I understand that the Christian God is to be considered a tri-omni God, creator of the universe ex-nihilo. MANY Chrisitans disagree. In fact, Uppsala mentioned above that assuming Jehovah is tri-omni is not Biblically supported...so anything I write about the tri-omni god being impossible will be wasted.
  3. PStryder

    Why Atheism Is A Religion

    You have no evidence there is anything beyond the universe. What is 'beyond' the universe could simply be MORE NATURE. I am not claiming there is anything beyond the universe, YOU ARE. I admit there MIGHT be, and since I don't know what it could or could not be, and since I have never experienced anything supernatural, I assume anything beyond our universe would be natural WITHIN IT'S OWN REALM. It's still nature in that case. Why is this so hard to get? You've provided nothing NEW. Just old tired already debunked creationist talking points and disjointed assertions of fallacy. Present something NEW and I'll entertain it. I can't find the primary article you cite supproting the claim. Can't research it. The article you cited I was able to read DID NOT SUPPORT YOUR CLAIM. ALL the empirical evidence supports evolution, none of it disagrees. You disagree, but that's to be expected - you reject reality. That is YET AGAIN not what I said. Bacteria that infects does come from outside our bodies, but it doesn't reproduce or thrive there. And after a time, the bacteria outside our bodies DIE and can no longer infect us, thus will no longer be able to reproduce. You say you study bacteria, don't you know this already? Seriously, are you sure you are not wasting your time and money going to university? Oh wait, you aren't a biology major. You are a business major who has taken some classes about bio-tech. I don't make arguments from ignorance. I admit ignorance then attempt to cure it. The cure for ignorance is learning. There is no cure for stupid. I don't even remember what you copy-pasted, nor do I care. You continually demonstrate you are not interested in actual conversation, but just re-affirming you belief system.
  4. PStryder

    Evolution Facts

    Evolution doesn't require better, or best. Just 'good enough'.
  5. What are some predictions we can make using the creationist hypothesis?
  6. PStryder

    Evolution As A Fact.

    Every time I have presented evidence, it has been dismissed as either just my ideas, or flawed in some way. (I will note that the assertion it is flawed is almost always based on the creationist misunderstanding of science and evolution, both phenomena and theory.) Well, it's weird having to prove to someone that the non-controversial scientific facts I state are you know...true. I'm at a severe handicap because I have to prove anything I say, but all you have to do is stick your fingers in your ears and go "NUH-UH! Because Bible." Creationists are very frustrating for me to talk to. Like I said above - I am expected to have to justify every single little fact that is generally accepted as true. Hell, I have to 'prove' that you are different from your father at a genetic level, even though it's only a little. How the hell can I have a conversation when everything I say has to be defended, but you don't think anything you say requires defense?
  7. PStryder

    Pstryder Thread

    Did you read anything I wrote above? If I build my argument around a version of the Christian God you don't agree with, then all my time spent typing it out is wasted. You'll simply claim I am not addressing the God you believe in. I don't want to waste more time than absolutely required. If you think I'm dodging, then QUIT RESPONDING. If you are willing to continue this, then give me some context so I can choose which of the 30,000+ conceptions of the Christian God to address.
  8. PStryder

    Pstryder Thread

    Hey look, you understand the point I was making! YAY! So, before I spend hours compiling a response, I need context: Which understanding of the Christian God and I considering? I gave you two simple options, and one not-simple option: 1) I will use my understanding of the Christian God. 2) I will assume every word in the Bible is meant literally. 3) You give me a brief overview of the version of the Christian God you want me to consider. And again, my FIRST piece of evidence that the Christian God does not exist is that he is not universally understood, even using the same source material. If all Christians use the same source, and their understanding is inspired or revealed by the same God, then all of Christianity should agree more than it does.
  9. PStryder

    If Evolution Is Not A Random Process...

    That would in fact be the step by step path taken to arrive at where the penguins physiology is today. The basic simple answer is still, "It evolved." The detailed answer would be something you have to see a biologist who explicitly studies penguin evolution to obtain. Sorry I am not omniscient.
  10. PStryder

    Pstryder Thread

    Hey, I have maintained the entire time I have been posting here that I can't say anything that will change the minds of the people I converse with. You can't reason someone out of a position they did not reason themselves into.
  11. PStryder

    Pstryder Thread

    Those were just examples. Again, I'm not interested in spending time writing a post just have a bunch of one sentence responses dismissing my work as "That's not even the God Christians believe in. You suck." If you want to accept that everything the Bible says (and specify the translation to use) is be considered 100% fact, across the board - I'll run with that. However, since almost no actual Christians believe that, I don't expect you to. Thus I need to know how to determine what to treat as a actionable claim about reality and which is metaphor/hyperbole. Since Christians don't universally agree on what is to be assumed as factual and what is to be assumed to be metaphor, I need some kind of basis to work with. If you want me to just go on MY own interpretation, I will. But again...you'll just say I am misinterpreting the scripture, or something and dismiss what I say. See how I am in a no-win situation here? You can choose to reject anything I say as misguided, unless we agree on what I am actually arguing against.
  12. PStryder

    If Evolution Is Not A Random Process...

    Why is the answer to "What's the mechanism" not 'evolution'? The exact steps in the process may vary, but the mechanism of inheritable variation sorted via natural selection is the "mechanism" you are looking for. Or is the thrust of your question "What is the exact step by step path taken by the penguin species to end up as it is now?"
  13. PStryder

    Pstryder Thread

    Please provide your explicit definition and criteria for the Christian God. For instance: Is the Christian God defined by you as tri-omni? Does the Christian God take actions the results of which humans can detect? Do you consider the Jesus story 100% true and accurate? If not, which parts of the story make claims about reality? Do you consider that God created the universe specifically and only for humans? THIS IS NOT DODGING the question. I am simply trying to make sure I am addressing the 'correct' version of the Christian God. There is no point to me writing a long post just for you to say "That's not the God I believe in." I will state that the fact there are many different denominations of Christianity, some of which describe God in mutually contradictory ways I do consider support for the claim that the Christian God does not exist.
  14. PStryder

    Why Atheism Is A Religion

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! I forgot the first rule: do not argue with the delusional.
  15. Oh bite me. All of you. Look, I am not the one claiming that my worldview is right, and all data we find must match it. I look at the data and try to understand reality, then adapt my worldview to it. Could anything convince you that the Bible is false? You could easily convince me that evolution is false: fossil rabbits in the pre-cambrian. Some evidence that shows things do not have a common ancestor. However, everything we know to be true about the natural world supports evolution. It's not a god complex, it's the humility of allowing reality to be what it is and accept that. For f*cks sake, you all are frustrating to engage with.

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