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  1. Fjuri

    question about methodological naturalism

    The very example you provide (the Kalam Cosmological Argument) shows an explanation that does not allow for calculation of model fit. Similar fro the example of the formation of information. We simply do not have the ability to calculate the probabilities of those things happening. The argument that something "seems more probable", without the ability to calculate it, is an argument from personal incredulity. I didn't decide it is impossible, it is assumed. But if you find a method to provide actual probability calculations on those odds, you're welcome to share them. The question was directed at Mike the Wiz's comment. If you disagree with him, feel free to do so. Methodological naturalism is used when conducting test for medicine. Even theistic researches would argue that "divine intervention" is not a valid explanation of why a drug worked, or failed. They all use methodological naturalism when conducting their research. That does not mean that secondary causation does not exist though. I thank you for your honest answer. It shows you accept scientific researchers as being honest and not intentional deceiving us. That is why there is the distinction between methodological naturalism and philosophical naturalism.
  2. Thank you for your reply. Evolutionism isn't really a word I know, so perhaps I am missing some meaning in your post. However I think that for most part, I can agree with your post. Much like other scientific theories, the theory of evolution is descriptive, not prescriptive. Evolution does not provide any sort of moral value system, at all. So sure, according to evolution we are "nothing more than an advanced ape that descended from pond scum (OR WHATEVER)". It doesn't attribute any value to any of it, at all. To have an evaluation of a moral value system a person uses you have to look at more things. For instance, people can be humanist, which means they'll place humans at the center as being "most valued".
  3. I am one of the lucky people who has never been confronted with the “choice”. Although we once came very close (in our perception, it wasn’t in the end). My position is as follows: First and foremost the necessity of the choice should be avoided. This by a sufficient hex education. “Abstinence only” education doesn’t seem to work, but if I’m honest a good focus on the consequences may very well lead to some abstinence. Secondly, provide sufficient access to birth control measures. - For Christians if premarital hex is a sin, removal of a limb/life from the womb is even graver sin. You should pick the lesser of 2 evils. - For others, if hex is going to happen, avoiding grave consequences is a good thing. Finally, should an unwanted pregnancy occur, sufficient psychological help should be provided for all involved. Here in Belgium we have “practically free” healthcare so here all 3rd party counselling should be undergone to comprehend the consequences of either choice. (Note that deep depression, suicide, infertilisation, frigidity, drugs, … can also be a consequence of continuing with a pregnancy.) Similar support should also exist in the US. The article provided stated that “planned parenthood” is the place to go to in the US (even if the article states that they are “all-in on abortion”). Good counselling should reduce the effect of psychological effects of an abortion. As a father, I am certain that almost every woman who has an abortion will carry some regret for the rest of their lives. As a father, I also know that children are a responsibility that cannot be ignored/dismissed and therefore should be a choice. Feel free to disagree with some of the things I’ve stated, I am not all knowing.
  4. Fjuri

    question about methodological naturalism

    Methodological Naturalism is required in science, because science doesn’t dable in truths, but in likelihood/model fit. You cannot fit a model with parts of it “supernatural-forces-did-it”. Since those parameters, by their definition, do not adhere to model fitting. It can very well be true that a supernatural force may affect/have affected the outcome of an experiment, but unfortunately that is impossible to foresee and therefore should be ignored. After reading this topic, 2 questions came to my mind: 1. If we accept that methodological naturalism can be used in some domain, but not in others, how can we differentiate which area’s we should use it, and where we shouldn’t? 2. Using only methodological naturalism as a method, is the theory of evolution not the logical conclusion for the diversity of life? (Even if it shouldn’t be applied here)
  5. Fjuri

    Thou Shalt Not Lie

    For the record, the "implied bad words not allowed" were the abriviated name of MarkForbes. Didn't notice it until now. Thanks for your answers. As to how it relates to the evolution vs creation debate is about the "lie" of nature. Or rather as you might put it, the "deception" of nature. If the materialistic understanding of the world contradicts the Bible, isn't nature basically a deception by God? If we take for instance the hydroplate theory has as a flaw that in a materialistic understanding of the theory (the earth would boil). A response would be "but God would know how to solve the flaw". Even if that is true, the fact remains that all the evidence points in another direction. So I would think this would be a type C deception. At least as I understand it.
  6. Fjuri

    Thou Shalt Not Lie

    After 2 non-answers... What is your definition of a lie? Which of the cases above would you state involves a lie? edit: Actually, Implied bad words not allowed. did more or less answer me, in the sense that he pointed out my quote about the commandment was wrong. But he did not address the issue what involves in a lie that is forbidden, which was my question.
  7. Fjuri

    Thou Shalt Not Lie

    Hey everyone, I'm wondering what each and everyone of you (especially Christians, who hold this verse true) think about the meaning of this commandment. So which of the following situations are ok, and which are not? A: Peter has been playing video games while he should have been doing his homework. When his mom gets home, she sees the PC is turned on and she asks him if he has been playing video games. Peter says "no, but Pan my younger brother has" and she believes him. B: Peter has been playing video games while he should have been doing his homework. When his mom gets home, she sees the PC is turned on and she asks him if he has been playing video games. Peter says "no" and she believes him. C: Peter has been playing video games while he should have been doing his homework. When his mom gets home, he quickly shuts down the PC and erases all visible evidence of him playing video games. His mom doesn't suspect a thing and thus doesn't question it. D: Peter has been playing video games while he should have been doing his homework. When his mom gets home, he quickly puts some Pan's stuff next to the PC. His mom now questions Pan instead.
  8. Fjuri

    Goo To Sight

    Would you agree or not that a plant "knows" there is a visual world to observe?
  9. Fjuri

    Evolution Says . . .

    Its the year 2714, about 200 years after the Great War that nearly destroyed the entire world. People are just emerging from their shelters and discovering how big the world really is. A new mode of transportation is required since they've been living in bunkers, crossing distances on foot. Mark, Pat and George are discussing the problem. They have access to an entire library of forgotten knowledge and can produce anything they can imagine, but they have never seen any of the objects, and large parts of the data has gone missing or has become corrupted (the fables section and the engineering section got mixed). Mark suggests something they know work for sure: You take a box, put some box, put some wheels on it, and let it be pulled by other men, maybe some animals they find on the surface. It works, great! Pat found the schematics of a combustion engine. He had it made, got the fuel and everything, but for some reason can't make it to work. After pondering on it for a while, he discovers that he needs the engine running before the combustion engine can take over and keep running. So he creates a crank, which he uses to turn the engine axis up to speed and it works. George found another solution, he could use a different engine, a DC engine for example, to just put some speed on the axis so the combustion engine can take over. The question now is: Can we discuss the combustion engine without the starter engine?
  10. Fjuri

    Evolution Is Defined As Random

    This is oh so true. One must keep in mind that the other party might be using a different definition and thus some clarification might be required. Clarification, not semantic weaseling. I disagree with your usage of the dictionary here. You should have gone further and thus gone to the "selecting" link and quote that as well: Definition of select 1 :chosen from a number or group by fitness or preference 2 a :of special value or excellence :superior, choice b :exclusively or fastidiously chosen often with regard to social, economic, or cultural characteristics 3 :judicious or restrictive in choice :discriminating pleased with the select appreciation of his books —Osbert Sitwell Of course neither of these require a "purpose". This interaction is funny: No a process of selecting requires a conscious entity. ... Textbook strawman.
  11. Fjuri

    360 Day Year

    What's funny is actually that after the French revolution, a 360 day calendar was reintroduced to separate the calendar from religious connotations.
  12. Fjuri

    360 Day Year

    Okay I'll ask; "Dear Fjuri's professor, what does this mathematics mean, please?" (mischief complete) (you see what you miss when you don't attend mikey-school, you Khan't quite get your Kirkulations correct.) Sorry Mikey, you were kicked out of fjuri-school some time ago. Figure it out yourself, I'm sure you can. I'll give a hint: It seems they start with equivocating different standards for miles, for example.
  13. Fjuri

    360 Day Year

    You should have asked instead of posted a link...
  14. Fjuri

    360 Day Year

    Do you have anything to say on the subject itself, or are you saying "hey, this might be interested but I'm not bothering to check it out critically myself"?
  15. Fjuri

    Ad Hoc Storifying

    So you agree that we have transitional fossils? There just aren't as much as you'd wish/think/require?

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