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  1. Good effort. Don't listen to the cynics on here, be sure to send it to the publisher just as it is. Thought: is a mere knighthood enough to indicate credibility? Perhaps consider upgrading yourself to Marquis or Duke.
  2. cheeseburger

    Can you pray for Korea Creationist

    Cute irony in a self-appointed Baba Wiz of Spock-like logic calling anyone else pretentious. Since when can only believers reference scripture? - just a dodge to avoid scrutiny of evangelical position. Disappointing that when asked to elaborate on your own curious phrase you claim to be mined. Your pawn sacrifice spin was hardly obvious from your first reply. If you're going to backtrack just admit it. "I wasn't totally serious" is a cop out, ho, ho, don't you know.
  3. cheeseburger

    Can you pray for Korea Creationist

    God set a trap? A pretty radical view of the origins debate. Surely Jesus' own brother states that the father would not tempt so in James 1?
  4. cheeseburger

    The Towering Intellects Of Evolution: Dawkins, Krauss, Nye

    Isn't deGrasse Tyson right? We are literally composed of star dust. Is there any scientific explanation for the natural formation of heavier elements essential to life (oxygen, carbon etc) other than in stars? There would be plenty of time for the formation of such elements in the 9 billion years between the start of the universe and the formation of our solar system.
  5. I'm still interested in the flood water - how did bothe marine and freshwater fish survive?
  6. cheeseburger

    Defining Kinds

    Were plants, mushrooms, bacteria etc each created with a range of kinds? Don't recall hearing/reading too much about them.
  7. cheeseburger


    How many Anglicans (or Episcopalians ) does it take to change a light bulb? 10 - 1 to change it and nine to say they preferred the previous bulb.
  8. cheeseburger

    Faunal Succession And Extinction Caused By A Flood

    I'll keep your reply secret if you wish, 'Bluff, but others might be interested in a creationist position on that point.
  9. cheeseburger

    Faunal Succession And Extinction Caused By A Flood

    Some can, others are specialized to one environment. Probably 95% of them died... 5% adapted..Those that survived started repopulating.. Such adaptation would amount to significant physiological change arising in the months that the water covered the earth. Could such rapid change be accounted for by natural darwinian mechanisms or would it require supernatural intervention?
  10. cheeseburger

    Faunal Succession And Extinction Caused By A Flood

    How did both marine and freshwater fish survive the flood? If the water were salty it wouldn't have been habitable for a lot of freshwater species; less salty and it would have been inhospitable to many marine fish.
  11. cheeseburger

    Artificial Intelligence Is Only Simulation

    Consider version 2.0 of the above robot with these additional features: could critique the effectiveness of its own data processing strategy and amend it, could process on all levels with the same type of software as used to detect stimuli... .... what would such an android be converging on? "Is that your argument, that perfect imitation would be the same as the real thing?" If a replica were truly perfect how would it be different (other than age) from the original? Consider that humans are said to be made in God's image and God is usually assumed to act perfectly...
  12. cheeseburger

    Artificial Intelligence Is Only Simulation

    Consider a robot that: could continually respond to and store a memory of a stimuli, could process and develop an internal map of its environment, could include its own agency within its map and change both map and evaluation of agency based on memory, could seek to communicate and co-operate with others without being dependent on them, could seek to maintain its own functioning and solve problems using some form of logic (possibly using an abstract code such as a language) could vary in its interpretation of states of affairs, could process information at a variety of levels with self-preservation at its most fundamental and compelling.... ...that robot's data processing would surely overlap with quite a lot of the human experience. Suppose that robot had been constructed by another robot, or manufactured by a machine programmed to design based on appraisal of what had been most effective based on previous trial and error. Of course, a robot would not be affected by time in the womb, physical growth, puberty and reproductive urges unless such human factors were consciously replicated.
  13. cheeseburger

    Critique My Argument Against Evolution

    "modifying a Harry Potter book won't lead to a Lord Of The Rings book" Modifying lord of the Rings very slightly by changing names and removing sub plots leads to the Sword of Shannara
  14. cheeseburger

    Evolution On Trial

    Organic compounds are found in meteorites and complex organic chemistry has been detected in interstellar space. Above a level life obviously has an elaborate chemistry compared with inert matter - life, after all, is life - but the core compounds and elemental chemistry are nothing exotic. Specified complexity is essentially a middle man for an incredulity:god-of-the-gaps approach. It is completely relevant (and thus anything but a red herring ) to consider the designer when naturalistic origins are challenged by design arguments a la irreducible complexity. even were life on earth be proved to be designed it would not necessarily follow that any alien designer themselves could not have arisen naturally. Had such a versatile and useful facility as sight only arisen the once I suspect creationists would be demanding why - what invisible supernatural force could be at work..?
  15. cheeseburger

    Evolution On Trial

    Wiz, Paints are synthetic; if such art supplies were no better than those occurring naturally there would be no art supplies industry. Living things are composed of water, hydrocarbons, nitrates etc, stuff you might find in the ground or a nebula. Point of the coincidences is they look like what you might expect to see if the origins of life were natural and lifeforms related. Your point re common genetic material and common trans-phyla structures seems to be that the commonality was fit for design purpose - that's reasonable were the designer a mere alien but design proponents really suspect an omnipotent deity who created ex nilho and has since performed miracles. Wouldn't divine intervention in life be a bit more obvious than alleged deficiency in naturalistic explanation? I know that (roughly) this line of reasoning occurred to me as a school kid...

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