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  1. Well, the observed and measured stellar parallax of some stars when compared to others is the foundation of the "cosmic distance ladder." I'll discuss that when I get a chance to get to the other thread ....
  2. Using current technology, we are now able to use direct triangulation to distances of 180,000,000,000,000,000 miles.
  3. Note to Dave.... saw the news about your mother. It's great that it looks like her problems will be minimal and she's been cleared to return to her normal residence. (Thank you, God.) "Me (BK quoting pi): Distant star light is a problem for YEC. (Note: Many creationist astronomers agree with this.)" ME (BK)FOR THE 50TH TIME,,, (A) THE ONE WAY SPEED OF LIGHT IS ANISOTROPIC ### So when you were making your LAME point that was totally irrelevant about 99.999999999%, I thought you deserved to be called out for the BS. And instead of owning up to it, you make a false misrepresentation about what BK has been saying. Why would you do that? BK said "ANISOTROPIC." He did not cite ASC, at least not that time and in at least some discussions of anisotropicity, actual evidence has been offered. It was those measurements I was speaking of, not ASC. ASC is a CONVENTION and does not rely on measurements. You are right that my comment, which was not intended to address ASC was completely irrelevant to ASC. I didn't bring up time dilation which is ALSO COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT to ASC. YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN WHAT I BELIEVE TO BE HARTNETT'S REASON FOR BELIEVING IN ASC .... BIBLE APOLOGETICS. AS FOR HIS GPS CALCULATIONS ... I HAVE MORE THAN ENOUGH ON MY PLATE ALREADY SO I WILL CONCEDE THAT SOMEHOW HARTNETT WAS ABLE TO MAKE CALCULATIONS FOR GPS TO WORK USING ASC. MAYBE SOMEDAY I'LL TRY CHECKING ASC USING LORAN. THE CALCULATIONS ARE A LOT SIMPLER THAN GPS. Yes, we make time for important things. With limited time, each of us does exactly that. And when there isn't enough time, less important things are put on hold. And a few of us have some things in our lives that are more important to us than this list. When I have MORE IMPORTANT things to do, this list is going to have to wait. Rule #10 exists so we can "make time for important things" without being harassed for it here. If we get together some time, we can play a game ....
  4. He decided to twist and contort reality instead of the Bible. I've had the answer all along and it can be stated in a single word ..... APOLOGETICS.
  5. Yeah.... I thought he was "reworking" it again.
  6. You don't know the difference between metaphysical and methodological naturalism. I taught METHODOLOGICAL naturalism and left the metaphysical to others ..... How about this .... I even agree ID is a fine metaphysical argument. But we do not teach metaphysics in physics or biology classes. It's OUTSIDE the scope of the curriculum.
  7. Dino blood cells and C14 are just two more examples in which you choose the least reliable process in favor of the more reliable process .... again discarding Occam. So let's see.... I comment that someone discards Occam's razor and you claim it's "ironic" I would mention that and for justification you present not one, but TWO examples in which you reject Occam's Razor...... But *I* am the one short suited in "self introspection and self awareness."
  8. We don't have to know what something is to measure the distance to it. In this forum, I'm the one who gets crucified because starlight is a problem for me.
  9. The RATE project determined 1.5 billion years of nuclear decay did, in fact, take place. They also said this much decay in the time frame they're talking about would melt the surface of the planet. It was in a statement by Dr. Vardiman, leader of the RATE project on its conclusion. I understand you think this is terribly unreasonable of me, but when your proposal melts the planet I think there's a problem with it. It needs a little more work.
  10. piasan

    Covid ... we blew it

    This is from the "Campaign 2020 discussion." Below is Dave's post in its entirety: No. I'm just pointing out that we blew it because we're fast approaching a situation in which we might as well have done nothing at all.... and if trends continue, we'll be WORSE off. What "lockdown?" That ended the first of May. One of the first things they opened up was bars. What makes you think opening up and having the number of deaths per day climb back over 1,000 sounds like a great idea to me? Does having over 1,000 dead per day to open up the economy sound like a "great idea" to you? I would think you might be particularly sensitive to that. I no longer get a "paycheck." I now get "retirement" which I have EARNED by nearly 60 years of work. I did toy with the idea of a part time job. Then I realized how selfish that would be of me when I'm economically secure and tens of millions are out of work. BTW, I already pointed out the only reason the superintendent didn't have to cut anyone was because he had 3 vacancies .... one of which was me. If I went back, he'd have to cut someone else and that would be selfish of me too.
  11. piasan

    Covid ... we blew it

    This is from the "Campaign 2020" discussion. Below is Dave's post in its entirety: Except I've never opposed HCQ for ANY political reason, let alone "primarily."
  12. piasan

    Covid ... we blew it

    Pi **I'd like to see death rates for Canada, Japan, and South Korea too. I sense some "cherry picking" of data. That said, I do see that our death rate continues to rise long after other nations such as France and Ireland (and I bet the whole EU) have leveled off. We're about to surpass even Sweden who decided not to implement ANY restrictions** Countries like Canada, Japan, and South Korea probably also quickly started using hydroxychloroquine because they were not victims of the kind of liberal anti Trump media of our country. NATURALLY you choose to IGNORE the fact that the UK is way ahead in deaths AND the FACT that the countries which made a REGULAR PRACTICE of using hydroxychloroquine EARLY had far far lower deaths per million. You just conveniently decide that has no relevance whatsoever. If you can't win the argument then your tactic is simply to IGNORE it and hope it will go away! Part of the REASON our country has higher deaths is because of stupid people like you and the media and the liberal doctors who want to make Trump look bad if they can so they are going to do their best to NOT use hydroxychloroquine! But then when that happens and deaths are higher, you want to blame Trump ANYWAY! This is from the "Campaign 2020" discussion. The above is Dave's post there in its entirety. You comment that I ignored the UK. The UK is an outlier when compared to the EU as a whole. Here is the comparison from page 1 of this (Covid) topic. The chart is from CNN using Johns Hopkins University data. Notice, the US was about 2 weeks behind the EU until about late April. In mid-April, the number of cases in the EU declined sharply and the EU opened slowly and their number of cases dropped below 5,000 per week and has stayed there ever since. On the other hand, in early July the number of cases in the US started climbing sharply and approached 75,000 per day before the end of the month. Now, we can discuss the reasons for that, but the performance of other nations I mentioned .... Canada, Japan, and South Korea as well as others like Australia and New Zealand matches or exceeds those HCQ countries in your graph. Those nations have been able to bring Covid deaths to near zero while we're moving along at around 1100 a day. I'll be specific about EXACTLY what I blame Trump for..... sabotaging the guidelines for reopening the economy set by his own experts. He continues to do that by his lukewarm approach to wearing masks. Trump doesn't need anyone to make him look bad, he does a great job all by himself. Lack of a national plan and failure of leadership has been responsible for the vast majority of our death toll.
  13. piasan

    The Death Of Gorge Floyd

    I'm sure medical examiners are used to getting grilled pretty strongly at murder trials. Well, I'm certainly no expert, but I expect the medical examiner would have examined Floyd's lungs as part of the autopsy and any abnormalities would be noted in the report. Let's agree the cops didn't start his breathing problem. The jury can decide what happened after that .....
  14. piasan

    The Death Of Gorge Floyd

    Yeah... he was a loathsome man so it's just fine the cops killed him.
  15. piasan

    The Death Of Gorge Floyd

    It's not the job of the police to give criminals what they "deserve." Even a nasty and despicable man is entitled to a trial.

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