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  1. indydave

    Is Earth The Center Of The Universe?

    For some, their blind spot is bragging about IQ and believing that would cause others to think MORE highly of themselves when it actually has the opposite effect.
  2. indydave

    NASA fakery? Or truth?

    Image captured with the Far Ultraviolet Camera/Spectrograph during Apollo 16 (NASA) So as we can clearly see, stars were captured on camera from the Moon. It just required a long exposure and a steady, tripod-mounted camera aimed upward from a dark location—not one strapped to the chest of an astronaut’s space suit aimed toward the bright surface of the Moon. And why ultraviolet photography? Simple: it had scientific value. The Earth’s atmosphere blocks much of the UV light that comes in from distant stars; having an observatory on the Moon, even for a brief few days, was worth it for astronomers—especially in the days before orbiting space telescopes like Hubble.
  3. indydave

    NASA fakery? Or truth?

    Do you believe this OTHER guy? https://www.space.com/42677-secrets-far-side-moon.html Al Worden is often quoted as saying that his time alone was some of the best he had during the Apollo 15 mission. “It was nice to be rid of those guys, as you can imagine. Being stuck in something the size of a family car for over a week, it got pretty crowded up there. Once Dave [Scott] and Jim [Irwin] left, I felt like I had some real space to start to do my important work of mapping the lunar surface. But the far side, the views at certain times, when the sun and the Earth are blocked out, are like nothing you could imagine. The sheer number of stars you see is incredible; it's like a sheet of white, and you know that every single one of them is a sun in its own right."
  4. indydave

    NASA fakery? Or truth?

    I was NOT "thin skinned" when you privately *********************************. I DID bear with you and did not return the same kind of bad language AND I was quite PATIENT too... NOT what one would expect from someone who actually WAS thin-skinned. And then when I asked for him to apologize which he should have done without my demanding it, you jump on MY case and say nothing much to him...even when he starts it back up on this page. You can joke all you want but my requirement is an apology or I'm gone. If you want to celebrate that's just fine with me.
  5. indydave

    NASA fakery? Or truth?

    I know! I'll use the same kind of ugly insulting comments towards you that I received from SH and see how that flies. I'll take a 3-day suspension with no requirement of an apology also. Shall I start insulting? You BLANKETY-BLANK!!! If I follow SH's example I should say the actual words and repeat them about 5 times. And then I can just come back and start a new topic and say nothing kind and even start up again with nasty remarks about the same person. Is that what you call FAIR moderation? An apology from SH and a positive reaction or I'm history for 90+ days.
  6. indydave

    NASA fakery? Or truth?

    If I don't get at least one positive reaction on this page, and an apology I will report to Fred and then I'll depart the forum for 90 days or more. I don't need this BS.
  7. indydave

    NASA fakery? Or truth?

    No HE started it again with the crap-slinging in his first post... Implying he was this wonderful Christian and I wasn't.
  8. indydave

    NASA fakery? Or truth?

    I'll treat him like he treated me then...with no apology... and we will see if you let ME get away with that.
  9. indydave

    NASA fakery? Or truth?

    What is THIS???
  10. indydave

    NASA fakery? Or truth?

    BTW SH...you owe me a decent apology. I withheld my fire and did not return like-kind after you were extremely verbally abusive. it was so bad that you were warned several times and finally you were suspended so it wasn't just my opinion. So show some decency and apologize.
  11. indydave

    NASA fakery? Or truth?

    Why is the Lunar Reconnaissance Observer able to photograph trails of human footprints AND the lunar descent module? Why can backyard telescopes see all the features of the ISS when it flies over? (See images and discussion on Earth Center topic final 2-3 pages.) Why can scientists fire lasers at the Moon but ONLY get a strong return signal when they aim at special reflectors placed on the lunar surface? Are we supposed to believe that ALL scientists working at all of the locations where they perform this, are also in on the conspiracy?
  12. indydave

    Is Earth The Center Of The Universe?

    I'm formally asking the moderator to not just lightly admonish this guy. Unless you want the rest of us to be referring to each other as trash etc, or Satan, you need to require him to apologize and then suspend him for a while. Otherwise if you decide to moderate me in the future, I will point to this kind of language that you ignored from one of your buddies. I know that puts you in a tough position, Mike, but that comes with the territory of being the moderator. I trust that you will hand out a fair sanction.
  13. indydave

    Is Earth The Center Of The Universe?

    If someone with some knowledge of English looks at the interlinear above they will recognize that the subject of the sentence is the sailors. You can confirm that by the letter initials below the English word. N-NMP (noun, nominative (subject), male, plural.) The main verb is "they sensed" and what they sensed was given in the form of an infinitive clause..."some land TO BE DRAWING NEAR."
  14. indydave

    Is Earth The Center Of The Universe?

    ALL English translations including the King James are a trade-off between English readability and Greek accuracy. Someone can have a preference of a particular English translation but it will be somewhere on a spectrum between extremely accurate but not very readable, and extremely readable but not very accurate. When you want to know which translation got it the most accurate it is helpful to look at the Greek itself and a literal word by word English translation, which is what you will find in an interlinear Bible. The Greek words I am showing you are over 1,500 years OLDER than the King James version. KB, you or anyone else can check with any Greek scholar you want and they will confirm what I said. I have had two years of college Greek and I have continued studying Greek for 40 years after college. If there is someone else on this site who has better credentials than me, or equal, then we can discuss it but the stupidity and IGNORANCE of someone who has zero understanding of the language, mocking me, is utterly intolerable! THIS PASSAGE IS INDEED AN EXAMPLE OF PHENOMENOLOGICAL LANGUAGE!
  15. indydave

    Is Earth The Center Of The Universe?

    The Berean Literal Translation it's not a translation I normally use, but when there is some need to check what the original New Testament authors wrote, I will sometimes use that and then check it with an interlinear Greek Bible. And if you want to know how to do that yourself, you simply go to biblehub.com and then choose the verse and up at the upper right is a drop-down box where you can choose any translation you want. It is not just a matter of selecting some translation that you LIKE how it is worded but you should choose one which is the closest to the original Greek if you can. And that's what I did. I will see if I can post the exact Greek words in English.

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