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  1. want the truth

    Evidence For C?reation?

    My guess is that there is an emotional attachment to the idea of a purely, natural process that can create living organisms; At the end of Behe's book, Darwin's Blackbox, he devotes a chapter to this question. There is a very strong loyalty to these ideas that individuals are not willing to deviate from, regardless of evidence.
  2. want the truth

    New Human Ancestor Found In S. Africa (Homo Naledi)

    This is one of the most well thought out, articulated posts I have read on this forum. You and Glibo are amazing thinkers and writers. Not to say the others here are not, but I love reading what you two put on this forum.
  3. Hey guys, I occasionally come here to read the debates going on, but I just wanted to post this story since I didn't see anyone talking about it here, and it seems like a pretty big deal in the scientific world. There seems to be a new human ancestor that was discovered in S. Africa. The article also says the hips are primitive above, modern below: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2015/09/150910-human-evolution-change/ Thoughts?
  4. I was in discourse with someone a little earlier, and they brought up the fact that the majority of professional philosophers lean towards atheism. I didn't believe it at first, because after listening to certain debates, and reading Antony Flews book on his conversion to Deism, I was under the impression that there was some type of renaissance towards theism in the discipline. To my shock a little over 70% of professional philosophers identify as atheists, according to philopapers.com. I'm not trained in philosophy, but I had no idea how weak theistic arguments seem to be in the eyes of elite academics when usually watching debates, it seems that theists usually walk away as winners.. I don't know if I should really find this as a surprise tough, due to most contemporary scientists seem to hold the atheist position as well. I just thought this discovery was interesting, and figured I would share. If anyone has any ideas on this, please share. I am interested on others thoughts on this, and if it holds any weight to other theists here?
  5. Not an atheist ! lol I still believe the evidence points to a higher intellegence i.e. God. I just find it fascinating how many planets there are in the universe, and wonder what God had in mind when creating the universe so big. With so many planets, the thought does creep in, like i addressed in my OP, could probabliteis actually play a role with a planet in the right position to promote oraganic life?
  6. I was doing some book shopping on Amazon, and ran across Victor Stenger's book, "God and the Multiverse". I was scrolling through some of the reviews, and ran across one that really made me think about how mind boggling it is there are so many planets out there in the universe. With so many planets in the universe, you would think that one, just one, could have been in the right spot, with the right conditions, for life to somehow arise accidently. I don't hold this position, but it does make you think what God had in mind when creating such a vast universe, with so many planets that can't sustain organic life. I've thought about this many times before, when I gaze out the window, but when you see the actual numbers, it blows your mind.
  7. Here's a direct quote from the article: Supposedly there is lol.
  8. I always thought this was one of those unsolved mysteries that evolution theorists never solved. I was bored on my lunch break, and came upon this article somehow. The thought came to mind that some of you guys may find it interesting, and would like to have some civil dialouge after reading it! http://www.science20.com/adaptive_complexity/how_singlecell_organisms_evolve_multicellular_ones
  9. want the truth

    Why Did God Ask Ezekiel To Bake Bread Over Cow Excrement ?

    That is exactly what I read from the commentary I found online. I was totally ignorant of this.
  10. want the truth

    Why Did God Ask Ezekiel To Bake Bread Over Cow Excrement ?

    I was having trouble finding a good explanation for this, but found something sufficient on preceptaustin.org
  11. I've been working on finishing up the Old Testament, and I ran across this after reading through the first five chapters of the book of Ezekiel. Why would the Creator of the universe ask one of his prophets to do such a thing?
  12. want the truth

    Just Got Accepted For A Teaching Fellowship!

    Thank You, Piasan!
  13. I'm going to be afforded the chance to go back to college, and get the credits I need to teach science (preferably biology). Plus, I'd also be relieved of the previous loan debt I accumulated from my B.S. I have another job opportunity as well, so I'm still undecided on what I want to do. I'm leaning towards going back to school and teaching though. I'm pretty excited
  14. want the truth

    Has Anyone Noticed

    Sounds like Marcion of Sinope.

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