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  1. I asserted genome sequencing backs up common descent. It does.
  2. No Gilbo, I am talking about scientific theory and it is true for all sciences. Your posts suggest you do not understand the logic of probabilistic or inductive reasoning. Most of science is underpinned by simple inferences to the simplest explanations, best empirically justified mechanisms (observed), and what can basically be restated as statistical syllogisms. Empirical = Observed, it doesn't have to come from experimentation.
  3. Are you arguing Henke's claims are incorrect due to the source? That's ad hominem/genetic fallacy isn't it?
  4. Yet it was 'evolutionists' that exposed the hoax Our own lineage is considered almost complete
  5. macten

    Is Evolution Responsible?

    But we have a high pressure blood system and would bleed out. And no, a site injury for a missing limb would not heal without surgery. Why would evolution make an organism 'more' optimal than needed? Survive to reproduce - that's it.
  6. macten

    Irreducible Complexity Yes? Or No?

    Only creationists believe zero transitionals have been found. There are so many now that the problem is that there are too many contenders. Creationists usually ask for impossible parodies which evolution would neither produce nor permit.
  7. No it wasn't! I corrected you the first time you made that false claim on another thread. Now here you are again - desperately spouting the same falsehood to try and make a point.
  8. macten

    Is Evolution Responsible?

    Missing an arm for a month or so is better than a lifetime The massive blood loss and rotting stump isn't a problem for Gilbo! Individuals don't matter - it's populations that evolve. C'mon Gilbo - humans do a fine job of reproducing as it is - too good in my opinion. So you think if Evo was true then why aren't plants wandering about and even thinking about where to go next? Man would be green and bask in the sun if they hadn't had a decent meal for a while - maybe they just sunbathe while growing a new leg. On the other-hand you think Evo is preposterous because you can't imagine the vertebrate clotting system evolving. You do make me chuckle
  9. macten

    Is Evolution Responsible?

    LOL - and what does this law claim?
  10. The guy believes ToE and abiogenesis are one and the same because of a quote from Kerkut in a book 'Implications of Evolution' He really isn't worth the effort he just quote mines to create strawmen.
  11. The link I provided deals with Humphreys devastating rebuttal to Henkes devastating critique in a devastating way.
  12. Going back to reproductive systems and perceived problems due to irreducible complexity, check these little fellas out: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2010/09/100901-science-animals-evolution-australia-lizard-skink-live-birth-eggs/
  13. macten

    Update To Posting Youtube Videos On This Forum.

    Haha apologies. Was using this thread to test the instructions (that I couldn't get to work) and consequently couldn't delete the post. In case it helps anyone the method that finally worked for me was to copy the link to youtube video and remove the 's' from 'https'.

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