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  1. Macro-evolution: change in Allele Frequency measured over a longer period. Simple.
  2. No idea what Roger Lewin meant. But micro and macro evolution are simply descriptive terms, the mechanisms are the same, it's evolution. One is simply looking at the same process over the long term.
  3. thistle

    Has Gene Duplication Been Observed?

  4. thistle

    Does Code Store Information?

    Is there a code to the construction of a snowflake, the information that forms the snowflake? Does it contain the sort of information that can be read? If not, why would DNA?
  5. thistle

    Experimental Evidence For Evolution

    Where is the scientific evidence for "nature pre-programmed" for "variation within the kind".
  6. thistle

    Experimental Evidence For Evolution

    What's your definition of a transitional species? What would you expect to see in a transitional fossil?
  7. No, as someone who doesn't believe in the supernatural - but happy to be proven wrong - I suspect the origin of life was natural, but I've no idea. Evidence suggests there is no supernatural, so it's a pretty good bet. If I'm shown to be wrong (your god could let me know immediately, if he likes) then all fine and dandy, I'd accept the supernatural. I still might reject your god, as an entity of some ... questionable ethics.
  8. I don't believe - tell me if I'm wrong - that there's a widespread movement of anti-science believers in fairies, goblins, other gods, ghosts or vampires, attempting to attack a single area of science for ideological reasons. If a crackpot forum attacks evolution because it conflicts with the teachings of the goblin under their bed, I'm probably not going to engage with them, or even know about it. But the attacks on science from the religious right in US, and to a growing extent here in Europe, deserves some comment I think. As for an infatuation with something I dont think exist, you're projecting your infatuation with something you have faith in onto me I'm afraid.
  9. No no, I don't know what the origin of life was. It's you who claims to know. Hence the poofing.
  10. I don't hate your god. I don't think he/she exists. I also don't hate fairies, goblins, other gods, ghosts, or vampires. I don't hate them as I simply don't think they exist, that's all it is.
  11. This is my own personal thoughts on the matter but I suspect that this is so widely accepted because it is actually the "strong delusion to believe a lie" spoken of in scripture. Why else would someone believe that a magical supernatural being could poof a handsome prince magically from dust? Thistle
  12. thistle

    Ken Ham Doing What Obama Has Not Been Able To

    Mmmm, lots of money for someone.
  13. No, it is you who are shifting the burden of proof. You haven't even proved that "micro" and "macro" evolution are distinguishable. There is evidence for evolution, and you accept evolution within "kinds", so the error here is to invent a barrier which has no proof or evidence which somehow prevents small (micro) change over time from going far enough to change the physiology of species. Microevolution is macroevolution.
  14. You realise this is impossible, yes? To give this example you seek? If the mechanism is gradual change over millions of years, there will never be an organism which transforms from one type into another to your satisfaction. Each fossil simply represents the form at that particular time, for thousands of years before and thousands of years after, it's ancestors and descendents will look almost the same. All we can do is see forms with millions of years between them, that is the evidence you are looking for, combined with other data such as depth in rock strata etc. What we really need is proof that there is any "kind" barrier. Do that, and evolution is knackered. Without that evidence, there is no reason AT ALL to think there is such a barrier. So ....

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