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    Dr Jason Lisle Presentation

    P.S I missed the last 10mins of the questionaire period but just finished it off now. Wow those were some complex questions to answer. Dr Lisle is very on to it. I will look up his other work since I'm starting to find a lot more Creationists. I believe the Lord gives us Wisdom, and you can see it clearly from another bethren of Christ. Its wonderful to see. I'm enjoying this so much
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    Hey yall, Newbie here. I found this forum from another site when I was reading up the 'Pre-Flood Water Canopy'. At first, I didn't know what a Creationist was until AIG (Answers In Genesis - KEN HAM) 7yrs ago. I signed up here shortly after viewing the forum section under 'Questions for Any Creationist/Young Eather'. It caught my attention with the amount of knowledge a Creationist or WHO IS FOR GOD has. As you can see I don't have a background in Science, etc, so I mainly go off the word of GOD, and pray here and there. I am looking forward to learning on this forum. I am a born-again Christian, and I use AIG and (Got Questions.org) to look up a lot of the scriptures for a greater depth which I enjoy learning from as well as other bethren, fellowship, etc. I believe the HOLY BIBLE literally (I think that would make me a believer in a YOUNG EARTH), and have FAITH in the Lord Jesus who is our Creator. I also stumbled across a Creationist 'KENT H*vind'. I watched all his youtube videos, and was extremely impressed. Very unfortunate for Dr H*vind he is recently in jail (something to do with tax envasion - I still don't know the full story). I also watched the video debate in 2013 - KEN HAM vs BILL NYE. Was great to watch. I'm not really sure what's new in 2014 but surely looking to browse the forum for a lot of exciting topics
  3. Kairos2014

    Dr Jason Lisle Presentation

    Amazing! I found this video very useful. Dr Lisle is right on the money how we humans can take it for granted. Totally mind blogging! Seems to be designed by someone other than human. There were many examples that can be found in nature for instance; lightning, broccoli, etc. I liked how Dr Lisle mentioned Eugene Wigneer (Physicist and author) - "The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematcis in the Natural Sciences". Kind of remind me of Albert Eintstein who also recognized design and the order of cosmos but did not believer in a personal GOD. I found these Questions interesting: 48.00mins - Why do the universe obeys mathematic laws? #Christ uphold all things (Hebrews 1:3) #In Him all things hold together (Colossians 1:17) (Science wouldn't be possible without the Christian World View) 52.30mins - How is Science even possible in your world view?
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    Thank you for the warm welcome

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