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  1. Tree The Way

    Just Saying Hello!

    Thank you all for welcoming me here.
  2. Tree The Way

    When Evil Becomes Visible (2Nd Attempt)

    Haha no thanks. First time painting a room, and I have no desire to paint again anytime soon! Also I was able to listen to the clip. It is a bit unsettling to me. I'm betting people claim it's just "really good acting" or something along those lines?
  3. Tree The Way

    When Evil Becomes Visible (2Nd Attempt)

    I'm sorry! I'm in the middle of painting my room, and I don't have speakers. I only saw the clip I will have to find a pair of headphones and listen.
  4. Tree The Way

    When Evil Becomes Visible (2Nd Attempt)

    Nice post, interesting stuff you have there. One thing that really got my attention was the Donnie Darko clip. You are absolutely certain there was no special effects for that? I have not seen the movie or anything about its production so I'm just curious.
  5. Tree The Way

    Just Saying Hello!

    Hello, Figured I would tell you a little about myself. I'm no expert in any fields, just a simple guy that wants to learn from like-minded people. I hope my posts don't come off as ignorant in certain topics, so please forgive me in advance!
  6. Tree The Way

    Cliche #6 - God Is Outside Of Time

    I've only ever heard and consequently believed that God was outside of time. I can honestly say that the points you are raising, Fred, are pretty convincing.
  7. Tree The Way

    A Challenge

    Thank you! I was watching a show called "Cosmos" a while back when it aired (Mostly for giggles and haha's), and I couldn't help but notice that the episodes I saw didn't show any evidence for the theory. Instead they just talked about evolution like it was something everyone should accept without asking questions. That right there should raise a red flag for anyone.
  8. Tree The Way

    A Challenge

    Agreed. Though it is a shame that people get so much negative feedback for simply questioning a theory. And thank you for the welcome!
  9. Tree The Way

    A Challenge

    First time I ever heard of Dr. Berlinski was in this thread, and it was really refreshing to watch those three videos. I'm going to go ahead and guess he gets a lot of flak for his views?

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